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Where to Buy Grass Fence Covering?

05 August 2022

Our Wallgrass grass fence covering product is a patented product consisting of artificial grass mounted on wire mesh. These products are used as grass fence in cafes, wire mesh in gardens and grass wall covering.

Grass fencing needs to be produced very carefully. There are many companies that produce artifical grass fence covering in the market. However, the number of competent companies does not exceed the fingers of one hand. Wallgrass has been producing grass fence covering for private gardens, architectural projects, garden and landscaping for many years. We are known even abroad with our personnel who are experts in their fields and have many years of experience. Wallgrass, which has made a name for itself with many projects abroad, is among the number of artificial grass fence coating manufacturers. Wallgrass grass fence coatings are highly resistant to all weather conditions. Thanks to these products, you can have great looking, easy-to-maintain, family and pet friendly gardens 365 days a year.


The grass fence coatings we produce as Wallgrass have many features. We can list these features as follows;

  • Wallgrass artificial grass fence covering is primarily used for security purposes as well as for decoration purposes.
  • Our products, produced by our experienced and expert team, are the first products that come to mind when it comes to cheap grass walls and high quality grass fence coatings. Although it is cheap, it is quite durable and is not affected by impacts.
  • Artificial grass fence covering is very easy to clean. Cleaning can be achieved by simply holding water.
  • Thanks to its special production, it is not affected by the sun and UV rays in any way.
  • Thanks to its robust and durable production, it is not easily affected by fire and does not catch fire.
  • Thanks to the quality of the material used in production; rain, sun, wind, all kinds of bad weather conditions can be used without any problems.
  • Wallgrass artificial grass fence panel covering helps you get away from the looks around you.
  • Wallgrass grass fence coverings are very simple to install and install. If you wish, the installation is carried out by yourself or by our team.
  • Since it has a stylish and aesthetic appearance, you have the opportunity to use it in every area and everywhere of your life.
  • Since it is made of stainless and galvanized wires; You will not encounter problems such as fading, spillage, deterioration. Not only the products, but also all the accessories used during assembly are stainless.
  • As Wallgrass, you can produce tall grass fence covering in any size you want.
  • We make applications in your home, workplace and many other areas, in short, wherever needed or desired.

The grass wall coverings we produce as Wallgrass not only look like natural grass, but also make you feel the natural grass texture. You do not need to think about where to buy the artificial grass fence covering services. Wallgrass produces natural looking artificial grass fence covering that always looks well-groomed for you. Our company: It regularly exports to many countries such as America, England, Egypt, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy.

As Wallgrass, we do not only manufacture your products, but also carry out the testing phase after you order the product you want. The control phase, which we perform in order to identify possible problems that may arise, ensures that your products are used without any problems for years. Thus, as Wallgrass, we are extremely confident that we provide the highest product performance to our valued customers.


As an Expert Wallgrass in Grass Fence Covering


Wallgrass is an expert in the production of expandable grass fence covering and provides ease of use in its products wherever imagination reaches. It provides the image as close to nature as long-lasting. Wallgrass is aware of the world's need for green and manufactures accordingly, and at the same time provides services to 70 countries around the world with the modern and state-of-the-art machinery it uses.

Grass fence brings you closer to nature. With COVID-19, the place where people spend the most time has been their homes. People are locked in their homes as they cannot go out. That's why people turned to grass fence products and started to research where these products are best produced. Wallgrass meets the longings of our valued customers for nature and creates an aesthetic space for you with the quality and aesthetic grass fence coatings it produces. But it should be noted that the most important point in this regard; to achieve this goal without harming our nature, plants, trees or soils. In addition, Wallgrass products, which are like natural grass in appearance, do not burn when in contact with fire, and can be used as a recycling product, are ideal for you.

Wallgrass, which produces the most realistic, safest, and highest quality artificial grass fence coatings for its customers thanks to its dealerships in different countries, is in a leading position in the sector. In addition, with our experienced and expert team, we work in cooperation with the customer in all processes to provide the best service in grass fence covering.

If you want to take advantage of the artificial grass fence covering service of our high-quality company, you can reach our experienced and expert team as Walggras, in addition to detailed information, wholesale grass fence prices, grass wall m2 price, grass fence meter price, grass fence prices 150 cm and grass wall m2 price. If you want to get information about it, you can fill out the form below. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

05 August 2022

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