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Grass Fence Panel

Grass Fence Panel

Wallgrass grass fence panels have been produced in our high-tech production facilities and managed to become one of the most innovative vertical landscape products in the world. Wallgrass grass fence products, which have become the most preferred brand in many countries, are increasing their dealership network worldwide.

Wallgrass Panel provides the closest appearance to nature, especially in organizations, private living spaces, public institutions and many other areas of use very quickly and long-lasting.

Grass fence panels are easy to install and portable and can be installed in a very practical way.

Areas of Application

Technical Information

Height : 100 - 150 - 200 CM
Weight : 3.500- 5.000 Gr/m2
Width : 200 - 300 - 400 CM
Grass Fence : 1,60X2=3,20 mm dip galvanized double twisted + UV added pvc grass
Construction : Construction made of 40x40x2.5 MM, 40x60x2.5MM profiles
Nonflammability : B2 class flame retardant additive

Application Method

Panel Wallgrass : Wallgrass products produced in panel form are fixed with special connection apparatus for the previously created construction.


Appearance : With Wallgrass, you can achieve a natural look that does not require maintenance for many years.
Maintenance free : Enough to keep our Wallgrass product clean.
Not harmful : It does not contain any harmful substances. You can use it very comfortably in your home and garden.

Wallgrass Grass Fence Prices

Wallgrass Grass Fence Panel - Green Color Price : 24.00 USD/m2
Wallgrass Grass Fence Panel - Color Price : 26.00 USD/m2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Grass Fence Panel Areas of Usage?

    Thanks to its maintenance-free structure for many years, Wallgrass grass fence panels can be used primarily in organizations, private living spaces, public institutions and many other areas.

  • What Should be Considered in the Installation of Grass Fence Panel?

    Installation of Wallgrass grass fence panels is quite simple. Wallgrass products produced in panel form are installed by fixing them to the constructions with special wallgrass connection apparatus.

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