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Global Leader in Artificial Grass Production

Wallgrass is the world's first grass fence manufacturer brand. In many countries of the world, the grass fence is called Wallgrass.

Wallgrass has been carrying out production by using first-class raw materials and workmanship with the vision of becoming a world brand since the first day it started production. Exported to all parts of the world, Wallgrass has certified products that have proven their quality with long usage tests in different climates.

Wallgrass is managed by corporate culture. It has the most experienced technical team and administrative staff in its field. It has an organization that provides continuous improvement with regular training programs.

It works to protect the holistic quality by managing its production, sales, logistics, and customer relations processes with new software technologies. Aiming to add value to its internal and external customers with its value chain that it has constituted, Wallgrass increases the number of dealers and brand value worldwide. Contact us to become the dealer of the Wallgrass brand.

Suni Çim Üretiminde Küresel Lider

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We manage the production processes with the Integral Group corporate manufacturer identity. Our products are produced in world standards with first class raw materials and made ready for the installation process. It is produced in rolls of green or different colors.

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You can get more information about our research and development, design, and maintenance services. We bring together the products and information you need for the garden. 

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Wallgrass produces vertical grass coverings and panels for the ever-increasing natural appearance and aesthetic needs of humanity.

Wallgrass provides the closest appearance to nature very quickly and long-lasting, especially in garden walls, private living areas, parks, roadsides and many more.

Wallgrass has succeeded to be one of the most innovative landscape products in the world with its high-quality grass fence panels produced in its production facilities. Wallgrass, which has succeeded to be the most preferred brand in many countries, is forming a worldwide its own network of dealers day by day.

Wallgrass has international certificates and can be used for many years without any maintenance.

Wallgrass Grass Fence Panel Usage Areas

Decorative artificial grass fence panels have widespread use in homes, workplaces, restaurants, schools, hospitals, fairs and events areas, shopping centers, gardens, roofs, balconies, terrace landscapes, children's areas, and pool sides.

Wallgrass panels have a wide usage area. Artificial grass panels, an economical product that does not require maintenance like natural grass, is an advantageous product that always has a green appearance. While the natural grass appearance improves the aesthetic appearance of the spaces, it can be used in factories, schools, villas, or facilities where privacy is important with peace of mind in terms of not showing inside from the outside. It is a product that is not affected by solar rays, resistant to cold and hot season conditions, not being worn away, is long-lasting, and does not require maintenance. When it is compared with natural grass, it does not have irrigation, fertilization, maintenance costs and it provides an economic advantage.

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Misyon ve Vizyon

Our Vision

To make the world much greener is to achieve an extremely difficult goal. We believe in a greener world and continue our existence to achieve the hardest.


Our Mission

We dream of becoming a brand that brings its products together with its customers through its dealers in order to increase green in every country of the world.

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