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Garden Wall Coverings

With Wallgrass' grass fence and grass fence roll products, you can make your garden look more natural and achieve a safer garden design. You can use the unique natural appearance and aesthetics of Wallgrass garden wall coverings for years and all seasons. You can contact us to get unique garden wall coverings and get information.

Bahçe Duvar Kaplamaları
Bahçe Duvar Kaplamaları

Sports Field Arounds

With its grass fence products, Wallgrass not only gives the surroundings of your sports facilities a green appearance, but also offers a perfect solution for the security of your facility. It is suitable for all sports facilities such as football, basketball, tennis and padel courts. Wallgrass both greens the surroundings of your fields and offers an aesthetic appearance, thus providing a pleasant experience for athletes and visitors.

Vertical Landscape Areas

Wallgrass is a great product that aims to bring back green spaces as part of the modern life of our cities. Wallgrass is the ideal solution to meet this need and create a greener environment. Vertical landscapes add sustainability, aesthetics and vitality to any space, while also improving people's mood and quality of life. Wallgrass helps our cities become more livable and nature-friendly by performing this transformation in just 24 hours.

Bahçe Duvar Kaplamaları