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Synthetic Grass Fence Manufacturers and Price

11 January 2022

Grass fence is a new generation fence technology. It is a type of fence that can be applied on panel fence or wire fence and it is produced using synthetic grass. However, synthetic turf laid on the ground and synthetic turf used for grass fence are different from each other. Therefore, if you want a grass fence, it would be wrong to choose synthetic grass models laid on the ground. We have many grass fence models as a synthetic grass fence manufacturer in Turkey. You can easily find a best grass fence for your needs on our web site.

Synthetic grass fence is also known with many different names such as decorative grass fence and synthetic grass fence panel, synthetic grass fence and despite everything, those who want to have a synthetic fence have many questions in their minds. Let's find answers to these questions.


Is Synthetic Grass Fence Advantageous?

Grass fence, which is used as a decorative synthetic grass fence covering, takes advantage of all weather conditions. It is not affected by rain, heat and cold. So it survives all 4 seasons green. The appearance of grass fences is quite aesthetic and safe. In addition to being a long-lasting product, it is completely nature-friendly. Grass fence is a product created with great craftsmanship and creative work. Since grass fences have an aesthetic appearance, you can use them in every area for many purposes such as surrounding the walls, covering the roof, closing the garbage containers, ensuring security, etc.


Are Grass Fences Durable?

Grass fences are also known as decorative fences. This creates a false perception and suggests that grass fences are not durable compared to other fence types. But this is a completely wrong idea. Because grass fences, as a matter of fact, are a kind of panel fence. Knitted synthetic grass carpets are placed on the panel fences, and after the necessary assembly, the wire structure, which is now remembered as a panel fence, becomes extremely modern as a grass fence.


Are Grass Fences Expensive?

Grass fence prices vary from company to company. Synthetic grass fence covering prices vary depending on the characteristics and quality of the synthetic turf produced. At the same time, grass fence prices also vary depending on the dimensions to be purchased. At this point, you just need to contact the company that you have chosen for the cheapest grass fence prices. In addition, discounts may be available for wholesale purchases.

Additionally, grass fences are one click more expensive than other types of fences. Because extra grass is added on it, there is both a workload and a cost difference. Since the grass on it is synthetic grass, it does not require any maintenance or irrigation. Therefore, long-term costs do not occur. It is paid once and used for many years without any maintenance. If you have questions in mind or if you want to work with Wallgrass and get further information about synthetic grass fence price, you may contact us and get detailed and clear price information.


Where to Buy Grass Fence?

Today, a revolution in the fence industry has allowed fences to look more reliable and beautiful. With the introduction of synthetic grass into our lives, most areas have become colorful with synthetic grass. Synthetic grass, which is used especially in areas where natural grass cannot be used, are very advantageous products to make our lives easier. Synthetic grass, which is frequently used in the fence industry in recent years, makes the fences look better and safer. If you ask and wonder which synthetic grass fence manufacturer to choose, our suggestion for you will be choosing an experienced manufacturer like Wallgrass. You may buy the most suitable synthetic grass fences for your places from our website in different sizes and in different colors presented to you.


How Is Synthetic Grass Fence Installed?

Before the grass fence wall is installed, the preferred company examines the area where synthetic grass fence installation will be made and the company informs the customer. After the customer's demands and requests are received, the application process begins.

Is Wallgrass Reliable Synthetic Grass Fence Manufacturer?

Yes of course! Thanks to its experienced team, disciplined business approach, quality products and fast customer support, Wallgrass is one of the highly reliable synthetic grass fence manufacturers. Functioning both at home and abroad, Wallgrass also provides synthetic grass fence installation service. In this way, synthetic grass fences can be used for many years. In addition to all the advantages it offers, the products produced by Wallgrass also have a warranty period. You may see these periods in the chart below:






3 Years

10 % tolerance


3 Years

10 % tolerance

Thread Strength

3 Years

10 % tolerance


If you want to work with Wallgrass, you can fill out the form below for detailed information and free synthetic grass fence cost information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

11 January 2022

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