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Synthetic Grass Fence for Home Decoration

12 November 2021

Synthetic grass fence can score with a multitude of positive properties. These include longevity, low maintenance requirements and its aesthetic appearance. But, we will also mention the disadvantages of artificial grass fence. This article lists the pros and cons of artificial grass fence and clears up some myths.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Fence Covering

1- Low maintenance effort.

2- Artificial turf fence saves time and money after it has been laid.

3- Artificial grass fence is aesthetic.

4- Artificial grass fence is durable.

5- Artificial grass fence is safe.

6- Artificial turf fence is weather-resistant.

7- It can be used on balconies and terraces.


1- It Provides Low Maintenance Effort.

Compared to natural grass fences, fake grass fences do not grow. On average, natural grass fence is mowed around 20 times a year. This work can be painted directly on a grass fence wall. In addition, artificial turf fence does not need to be watered or fertilized.



2- It Saves Time and Money After It Has Been Installed.

A beautiful, well-kept lawn fence means working all year round. Garden owners often spend the whole summer gardening, mowing the lawn, fertilizing and pulling weeds. That is at the expense of the time to enjoy your own garden before summer is over again. This changes suddenly with grass fence ideas. The maintenance effort of artificial grass fence is very low and it does not have to be fertilized or mowed. The grass fence panels look beautiful and appealing all year round. This leaves more time to enjoy your own garden with a cool drink on the terrace.

It is often said that artificial turf fence is expensive compared to natural turf fence, especially when you think of great, high-quality artificial turf fence. Artificial turf fence is relatively expensive to purchase, but you save running costs afterwards. For example, there are no costs for lawn mowers or watering. No fertilizer is required and there is no need to spread a new lawn fence if there are bald spots, because these are not available with artificial grass fence screen.


3- It Is Aesthetic.

Artificial grass fence Turkey has developed enormously in recent years, so that nowadays it can hardly be distinguished from real turf fence. With the help of top synthetic grass fence manufacturers, you always have a beautiful, green lawn fence.



4- Artificial Grass Fence Is Durable.

The best artificial grass in the UK is better suited to withstand the stresses than natural turf fence. There are no bald spots or tatters of grass when you rely on artificial turf fence. In addition, artificial turf fence is resistant to all weather conditions. Rain, snow and hail cannot harm artificial turf fence. High quality artificial turf fence is very durable. In contrast to cheap artificial turf fence which is provided by experienced artificial grass suppliers such as Wallgrass, it can beautify your own garden or terrace for up to 25 years. In addition, artificial turf fence offers an absolute garden feeling right from the start. Wallgrass team, which has been exporting more than 100 different artificial turf fence products to the USA, the UK, Serbia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy and France, offers the most durable products. Moreover, we, as Wallgrass team, have strong business connections with the most well-known synthetic grass fence manufacturers in the UK.


5- Artificial Grass Provides Security.

Good quality artificial grass fence is soft and good-looking. Additionally, it provides security because it doesn’t allow inside to be seen from the outside.


6- It Is Weather-Resistant.

It is possible for artificial turf fence to be used in winter, also. Because it is durable against the harsh weather and conditions.


Disadvantages of Artificial Grass Fence Panels


In addition to the mentioned advantages of artificial turf fence in your own garden, on the terrace or balcony, there are of course some disadvantages that should not be neglected in order to examine the topic of artificial turf fence from all sides. The popularity of artificial turf fence in recent years has been impressive and the appearance of artificial turf fence comes very close to real natural turf fence. However, it is not a natural grass fence and you will see some details on closer inspection. The higher and denser an artificial turf fence, the more realistic it looks. Different fibers are often used in production in order to obtain the most natural look possible.

The advantages of artificial turf fence in terms of less maintenance are obvious. However, artificial turf fence is not completely maintenance-free. Depending on the location of the property, soiling can logically occur. While coarse soiling such as leaves and branches can simply be picked up from the lawn fence, fine soiling such as dust and traces of exhaust gases are deposited as a veil on the artificial turf fence. It is also advisable for the artificial turf fence to be brushed regularly so that the blades of grass can straighten up again. Scattering with quartz sand helps keep the blades of grass upright all year round.


12 November 2021

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