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08 November 2022

Synthetic fence is one of the ever-growing industries today. Thanks to its functional nature, as well as being a rapidly developing, top-seller, and a suitable product to be used in a variety of fields, it is both a perfect choice for customers and a profitable income channel for the sellers.

Artificial grass fence covering, with various application areas, is an in-fashion product. Thanks to different types of this product, it allows customers to choose the best one for their project. It preserves the very first day durability although years pass since the purchase. It is a practical and functional product that catches the eye with amazing aesthetic appearance especially when it is used for landscaping. Synthetic grass fence panel, which is used in a wide range of areas from construction sites to city parks, from gardens of houses to the surrounding areas of sports fields, continues to be the apple of the eye thanks to the contribution of rapid developments in the artificial turf industry.

If you are interested in being a part of this sector and want to establish your own business, this article is for you!


Become Wallgrass’ Synthetic Fence Dealer!


Wallgrass, which is one of the leading companies of synthetic grass fence sector, offers you an amazing chance. What do you think about becoming our synthetic fence dealer?

Wallgrass, which includes customer satisfaction, product quality, various projects and more, increasing its brand value day by day, continues to be known as one of the strong names of the synthetic fence industry for a long time with its expert team.

As a company that has the appreciation of customers with projects it has delivered since its establishment and that has received dealer application from 80 countries, Wallgrass continues to develop and grow rapidly day by day in the synthetic fence industry. As a corporate company which has determined a detailed approach and meticulous work as its method, Wallgrass is the first brand name that comes to mind when it comes to the synthetic grass fence industry.

What do you think about becoming a dealer for Wallgrass, a leader company in the grass fence sector? Don’t you want a job that offers you a high income? You can have this opportunity as becoming our synthetic grass fence dealer which is one of the best-selling products of synthetic grass sector.

This product, which is suitable for customers’ use in many areas including cafes, restaurants, local parks, city streets, gardens of private properties and even in interior decorations; for purposes such as decoration, design, landscaping, wall and roof covering, is highly preferred both abroad and domestically, and thus brings about high profit.

Wallgrass continues to increase its dealer count day by day. If you want to be a part of our dealers, we welcome you to join us! You can contact us to make a dealership application via our company’s contact page.


Why Synthetic Grass Fence?

Grass fence roll as we mentioned above brings about lots of advantages as well as being suitable for various usage areas. Therefore, it is among the top selling products. Let’s see some of them together:

  • Synthetic grass fence has a wide range of use as a product known to be able to apply both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is often selected as an alternative to natural grass as it is not difficult to take care of and costly.
  • It is effortless to install and the same applies when you dismantle it.
  • Grass fence are durable. They aren’t adversely affected by harsh weather conditions outdoors and can be used for a long time after purchase.
  • Protecting our world and nature is now much more important. Synthetic fences, not only contribute to the protection of nature and dangerously decreasing water amounts, but also provides us the natural aesthetic appearance.
  • When the aesthetics are mentioned, it is impossible to ignore the modern and trendy vibe that artificial grass privacy fence contributes to the area of placement. Regardless of the use area, they make you feel like you are at the center of nature.

Although we listed some reasons why it is on-demand, let us inform you that it is not limited to these reasons, and we can add many more. Synthetic fence in an ever-growing world, progressing in line with the technology, seems to continue to be a top-seller product for a long time and for customers.


Contact Wallgrass Expert!


As Wallgrass, the first brand to come to mind with its corporate and professional work, quality production approach and successful project, we continue to receive dealership applications from 80 countries. If you want to start your own business, have a profitable one, and increase your income, you are welcome to join us.

To have more information about synthetic fence and dealership application, you can fill out the form below. Our professional team will respond to you as soon as possible.

08 November 2022

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