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How to Install Grass Fence Panels?

31 May 2020

Grass fence panels are produced using synthetic grass. Fake grass panels is covered over wire mesh and panel fences. Thus, grass fence panels appear. Garden landscape architecture has become very popular in recent years. With the increase in garden landscape, the interest in grass fence panels has also increased considerably. People have started to prefer artificial grass fence panels in terms of both having an image intertwined with nature and ensuring their safety.

As Wallgrass, we produce our grass fences with high technology. In this way, our products are known worldwide as one of the most innovative vertical landscape products. Wallgrass grass fence panels products, which are recognized and known by many countries in the world, have many dealership networks around the world.

If you want to create a safe and intertwined environment with nature in your private living spaces, gardens and organizations, you can buy our grass fence products. As Walgrass, we support you from the beginning of the installation process with our expert and experienced team.


How to Install Grass Fence Panels?

Grass fence panels are generally preferred by our customers in order to increase the aesthetic appearance in their gardens and to provide a safe environment. It is preferred not only in gardens, but also in workplaces, cafes, gyms and school gardens. As Walgrass, we have been in the leading position in the sector for many years and we have been producing grass fences for our valued customers with our expert and experienced team and we are performing the installation for you from start to finish. Therefore, do not think about how to install a grass fence panels!


There are hot-dip galvanized wires inside the grass fence panels. These galvanized wires in the grass fence panels we have produced have been created using high technology and do not rust even though they have been used for years. The synthetic grass on the panel fence is specially produced to be resistant to UV rays and does not fade even if it is exposed to the sun.

The only cost for our products is at the time of installation. Apart from this, there is no cost and it is very easy to clean.

Our grass fence panels are generally produced in heights of 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm. However, it should be noted that in whatever dimensions you want us to produce, grass fence panels will be produced and installed accordingly.

Grass fence panels are very easy to install. However, there are some issues that need to be considered during installation. As Wallgrass, we support you from the beginning to the end of the installation process after production. Important aspects of installation are:

  • 1. Preparation of The Ground Where the Grass Fence Panels Will Be Installed

The most important point to consider for grass fence installation is ground preparation. The smoother and tidier the ground, the more solid the grass fence installation is. If the ground is not smooth, first of all, ground correction is performed. If the ground is concrete, holes are drilled to fix the posts of the grass fence panels. If the ground is soil, the soil is dug to fix the poles.

  • 2. Installation of Grass Fence Panels Posts

After the ground is made ready, the grass fence posts are installed. As we mentioned before; For the grass fences to be installed on the concrete ground, first of all, holes must be drilled. When assembling the grass fence panels, these holes are mounted with special apparatus and screws. It should be noted that the installation of grass fence panel is made more robustly on a concrete ground. Grass fence panel assembled in this way will be very safe and solid.

  • 3. Installation of Grass Fence Panels

Grass fences are produced in grass fence roll form for easy installation as Wallgrass. After the assembly process of the grass fence panels posts is completed, the installation of the grass fence posts is done on the posts. As the Wallgrass team, we make this entire installation process easy for you. For this reason, if you want to apply grass fence panels to the areas around you, you can contact us. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.


What are the Advantages of Fake Grass Fence Panels?


Fake grass fence panels are produced using the latest technology within Wallgrass. By using fake grass in the production of grass fences, the lifespan of the grass fences is considerably extended. Fake grass fence panels, which you can use for years with a simple maintenance, provide a very durable and visually very aesthetic appearance.

If you want to create a visual feast around your home or in the garden of your workplace, fake grass fences are for you! As we mentioned before, grass fences offer an aesthetic appearance visually, as well as keep you away from the prying eyes of the environment.

Grass fence panels, which provide security to the installed place and offer an aesthetic appearance, have many advantages. We can list these advantages as follows.

Fake grass panels are very economical in cost:

  • Fake grass fences add a natural atmosphere to the area where they are installed.
  • The fake grass we produce as Wallgrass is produced with UV protection. Therefore, even if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, its color does not fade.
  • Fake grass fence panels do not burn in any way. They are also known as fireproof grass fence.
  • Artificial grass is used in fake grass fence panels. Therefore, its use and maintenance is very easy and inexpensive.
  • You can wash the fake grass fence panels very easily with a hose. Fake grass fence panels are not damaged in any way during washing, and their structure does not deteriorate.
  • It is highly resistant to use in all seasons.


Artificial Grass Fence Panels and Features

One of the most important features of artificial grass fence panels is that they are UV protected and PVC coated. Artificial grass fence panels produced within Wallgrass are not affected by the cold, hot or humid weather in any way. Artificial grass fence panels, which are strong, durable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and very economical products, are produced and installed quickly for our customers.

As the Wallgras family, we attach great importance to your health while manufacturing panel fences. The products we produce are environmentally friendly products. It does not adversely affect human health in any way.

Grass fences that you have installed in your garden or where you want to provide a private area for yourself definitely prevent the inside from being seen.

If you want to have Wallgrass artificial grass fences with these features and have them installed quickly, you can contact us. If you want to get detailed information about cheap grass wall prices, panel fence prices, wholesale grass fence prices, grass fence prices, you can fill out the form below and create a request or contact us.

31 May 2020

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