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11 May 2022

Walgrass has been operating for many years by supplying artificial grass in garden and landscaping, as well as architectural projects. Wallgrass is one of the leading companies in the sector, which is well known not only in our country but also abroad. Our products, which are very popular abroad, are highly preferred by our customers.

Walgrass not only supplies products to our valued customers, but also gives dealerships in Turkey. Thus, we do not only provide product service to our valued customers, but also offer the opportunity to start your own business.

If you want to grow with us, if you want to continue to be the leading company of the sector abroad and in various regions of our country, you can benefit from our dealerships. Bringing people together with nature 365 days a year will be the best for you.


What is a Green Grass Wall?


Green grass wall offers you a lush environment. The structure of Wallgrass artificial green walls quite flexible. It's just that you can get the green grass look on any wall you want. In this way, you will be able to obtain the green space of your dreams in a way that will be used for many years.

The most important point that our expert and experienced team working within Wallgrass pays attention to while producing the products is that they are durable and can be used for a long time. The aluminum wires used in the artificial grass wall that you will install on the walls around you are very durable, do not break easily and do not rust even if you use them for years. Therefore, if you prefer Wallgrass green grass walls, you will not only be surrounded by greenery, but you will also have made a profitable investment.

Walgrass jade grass walls are produced to be green and fine grass texture. Although it is synthetic grass, it creates an incomprehensible and natural appearance without being touched. Your guests who come to your home feel very peaceful and safe inside your walls covered with Walgrass jade grass wall.

The only cost you will make for a Walgrass green grass wall will be the cost at the installation stage. Because Walgrass green grass walls do not have maintenance and any other costs. If you want to have Walgrass green grass walls, you can contact us and get detailed information.


How to Use Green Grass Wall Decor?

Today, with the increase in technology and industrialization, people lead their lives longing for green spaces. For this reason, people generally prefer products that will be intertwined with nature in their decoration choices. At this point, our products produced by Wallgrass appear as the most preferred green grass wall decor products by our valued customers.

People do not prefer green grass walls only in terms of aesthetic appearance. The assembly process of green grass walls is quite effortless and easy. It does not force people in terms of cost. As a result of this and similar reasons, the builders prefer Walgrass green grass walls in decoration products.

Our customers generally prefer green grass walls in their restaurants or cafes. Thus, restaurant and cafe business owners provide a spacious environment to their customers with green grass wall decoration in these environments, and also keep them away from the curious glances of people outside. If you own a restaurant or a cafe, you can choose our Walgrass artificial grass wall decor ideas if you want to ensure your customers' safety, peace and comfort.


Another usage area of ​​our green grass walls is the curtain position between detached houses. We see that most detached houses are built very close or adjacent to each other. People want to have a space of their own in their private lives. The construction of houses in this way does not fulfill these wishes of the people. For this reason, you can install a green grass wall in the area you want, which you can use aesthetically and decoratively. Thus, you can live a life away from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

There are many areas where green grass walls are used. For example; It is preferred by the school management to ensure the safety of the students in the school gardens. It is also used to keep the pool area away from prying eyes. In addition, one of the most important uses of green grass walls is garbage containers. It gives the garbage containers, which have a dirty appearance, both an aesthetic and a clean appearance.

Besides, if you have a winter garden or you want to bring the unique beauty of nature to your balcony, Wallgrass green grass walls will be the ideal product for you! If you want to install a green grass wall in your areas by using these ideas, you can contact us!


Green Grass Wall Manufacturer

As a green grass wall manufacturer, there are many manufacturers around. However, the important thing is not to produce a product, but to produce that product in a quality and durable manner against years of use. Every customer wants to have a quality product that can be used for years. For this reason, if you want to buy a green grass wall, you need to be sure of the quality of the products, the experience of the company that produces the products and the opportunities it will offer you.

Having all these qualities, Wallgrass, together with its expert and experienced team, offers you high quality, aesthetically pleasing products that are durable for years. If you want to have natural looking green grass walls that always look well-groomed in your garden or in different areas of your home, Wallgrass, which regularly exports to many countries such as America, England, Egypt, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy, is at your service with its many knowledge.

You can contact us for detailed information about cheap grass wall, artificial grass wall interior, vertical grass walls paneling system, fake grass wall outdoor and synthetic grass wall covering. In addition, as we have mentioned in our article, you can contact us by phone and e-mail to set up your own dealer. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

11 May 2022

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