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Indoor & Outdoor Design with Grass Wall Panels

02 June 2022

Grass wall panels have started to be used in many areas today. As the most important reason for this; it can be shown that it has a wide usage area and that the use of grass walls offers more than one advantage. One of the most important factors in people's preference for Wallgras grass wall panels is; Grass wall panels are easy to clean and have a solid and durable structure. In this way, the grass wall panels produced by our company remain as they were on the first day, despite being used for years.

Recently, our artificial grass wall panels have been used in many different areas. It is frequently preferred by our valued customers to be used in the field of decoration. Decoration is very important, especially in areas where everyone's eyes are on and in their spaces. Indoor and outdoor grass wall panels produced by our company can achieve more attractive and rich looks.

Our company Wallgras has been operating in the production of grass wall panels for many years. Wallgrass carries out its production as one of the leading companies in the sector and well-known abroad in our country. Our grass walls panels, which are highly preferred abroad, are highly sought after by our customers. If you want to get information about our grass wall panels and if you want to get an idea about how to use these grass wall panels indoors and artificial grass wall panels outdoor, you should continue reading our article!


What are Grass Wall Panels?


Grass wall panels consist of single mesh systems combined with artificial grass. Today, it is used in decoration areas and also for security purposes. Our grass wall panels are produced in various colors according to the taste and request of our valued customers. However, we recommend you to use green color for a more natural look and to feel the nature closely!

Grass wall panels can be produced in green as well as; It is also produced in different tones such as blue, purple, red, dark blue, black and gray. In addition, you can paint our grass wall panels that you buy as green at any time according to the decoration you change. For example; If you have created a decoration with neutral colors in your balcony decoration, you can paint the grass wall panels you purchased in green black, or if you are going to buy a grass wall panel for the first time, you can buy our black grass wall panels.

Grass wall panels produced by Wallgrass contain high UV quality. In this way, the grass walls panels we have produced are highly resistant to the harmful rays of the sun. Wallgras grass wall panels are resistant to content that does not fade and do not wear out despite years of use, and are highly resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. If you want to have Wallgrass grass wall panels, you can contact us and consult us on any issue that comes to your mind!


How Are Artificial Grass Wall Panels Used Indoors?

Artificial grass wall panels are used in many areas. One of these usage areas is interior spaces. We have compiled decoration ideas for you about how and how to use our artificial grass walls in your interiors. Here are those ideas!

1. You can turn your balconies into a natural space with artificial grass wall panels!

The most common usage area of ​​our artificial grass wall panels indoors is balconies. Our customers generally prefer to use our artificial grass wall panels on their balconies. You can also choose artificial grass wall panels on your balconies. In this way, while sitting on your balcony, you can both breathe the fresh air and feel as if you are one with nature.

2. You can feel the heart of nature on your terraces with artificial grass wall panels!

Although terraces are thought to be outdoors, they are actually considered indoors because they are integrated with the houses. Most terraces consist of only and concrete. Therefore, by using artificial grass wall panels, you can provide both a natural and a warm and friendly environment. You can spend weekends and holidays with your loved ones and family on your terraces equipped with artificial grass wall panels, and you can feel the nature to your bones.

3. You won't be able to get enough of doing sports in your spor complex furnished with artificial grass wall panels!

Another area of ​​use for artificial grass wall panels is sports complexes. Gyms often have a boring and suffocating atmosphere covered with four walls. If you also own a sports complex and want to increase your customer base, decoration with artificial grass wall panels is just for you. In this way, you can provide your customers with a different and natural ambiance and make them feel like they are jogging in the forests of Belgrade.

4. Cafes and restaurants are now more peaceful with artificial grass wall panels!

Today, with the increasing technology and industrialization, people spend their days longing for green and natural environments. With the decline of natural life, people are in search of seeing green areas. If you own a cafe or restaurant, you can enrich your decoration with artificial grass wall panels and increase your customer base visibly. Your customers will not understand how time passes in the cafes and restaurants you own.


Grass Wall Panels Outdoor Using


Artificial grass panels are highly preferred not only indoors but also outdoors. We have arranged ideas for you on how to use artificial grass wall panels outdoor. Here are some ideas!

  • 1. Garden

With the artificial grass wall panels you will lay in your garden, you can give a wonderful and natural visually, as well as create a safe area. With grass wall panels, you can safely spend time in your garden away from foreign eyes. With artificial grass walls produced by Wallgrass, it is possible to create a safe space while providing perfection in design.

  • 2. Winter Garden

The walls covered with grass wall panels produced by our company create a modern industrial style in your winter garden. With artificial grass wall panel designs, we serve you with our most popular and prominent designs all over the world. Our artificial grass wall panels, which create a simple but impressive, contemporary and flowing effect, perfectly reflect the popular new generation exterior architectural design trends, especially popular around the world.

  • 3. Organizations

You can also use our artificial grass wall panels in your organizations. For example; if you are having a country wedding, you can choose our artificial grass wall panels to create a natural environment. In this way, you can experience a unique moment with your loved ones.

If you also want to renew and beautify your indoor and outdoor decorations, you can contact us to have Wallgrass artificial grass walls and have them installed quickly. If you want to get detailed information about artificial wall grass prices, artificial grass panels and fake grass wall indoor, you can fill out the form below and create a request or contact us.

02 June 2022

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