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Grass Wall Installation for Living Areas

09 December 2021

We, as Wallgrass, aim to bring nature together with our customers. For this reason, we are trying to offer the best and the most natural products. One of these products is grass wall panels that can be used for living areas in addition to many places. Let’s get further information together!


Grass Wall

Also known as grass fence or vertical grass fence, grass fence panels have become one of the most preferred fence types today. It is a very functional product as it is used for both safety and aesthetic perception at the same time. In fact, these products are a wire mesh system and they are combined with artificial turf. It is very useful and beneficial. It may not secure a military facility, but it is an ideal product for lower security needs. In addition to being used in places such as villas, gardens or sites, it can be used for cafes or restaurants. They can be easily disassembled and reinstalled elsewhere if desired.


Grass Wall Advantages


Since grass wall panels have many advantages, more and more people prefer it day by day. Its most important advantage is that it can fulfill two functions at the same time: security and decoration for living areas. Fulfilling these two purposes at the same time makes grass wall panels attractive to customers and users. Apart from that, the grass wall panels can be easily installed and removed. It is very easy to clean and doesn’t need any extra maintenance. In addition, it is not affected by harsh weather conditions and UV effects.

One of the most important advantages of grass wall panels is the natural beauty of them. The green color that it mostly has evokes nature. For this reason, it satisfies people's longing for nature in cities that are getting concrete day by day and living areas are decorated with these beautiful walls by leading companies like Wallgrass.


Grass Wall Usage Areas

Grass wall panels are generally used in fields to cover walls or gardens for border security. They are also frequently used in the field of decoration or living areas in addition to sports fields such as tennis courts, football fields etc.


Grass Wall for Living Areas

Grass walls are mostly used in gardens or terraces. Because it is a beautiful decorative structure which is used to create a spacious environment. It is also used in educational institutions such as kindergartens and schools. Institutions that want to create a green area that is effortless and easy to maintain for children use grass wall panels. Thanks to grass wall panels, green areas are created with artificial grass at a more affordable price and with less effort.


Grass Wall Installation

There are various variations of grass wall installation. The most important issue to be considered here is the strength of the skeleton on which the grass wall will be applied. Iron profiles can be used as a skeleton or wire can be drawn and artificial grass-like material can be attached to these wires. These products, which are quite light, can also be mounted on wires formed only from profiles and can also be worn on the wall. If desired, grass wall installation can be made even on concrete walls. Wrought iron garden fence should be used if a more robust lawn appearance is desired.


Grass Wall Cost


Grass wall cost may vary according to the area and length. For this reason, it will be beneficial for customers to contact companies. To make the right decision on a vertical grass wall paneling system is very important for the product to be used for many years. Below, there is a chart prepared according to the price list of Wallgrass. For further information, you may contact us whenever you want.

Wallgrass Grass Fence Roll - Green Color Price:

8.00 USD/m2

Wallgrass Grass Fence Roll - Color Price:

9.40 USD/m2


Grass Wall by Wallgrass

If you are open to new wall grass design with Wallgrass, we are here to offer you the best. By applying a grass wall, you can create a natural look in your gardens and make your gardens attractive. It is advantageous for natural greening and offers a spacious appearance. Apart from giving a natural look, the fact that it does not require maintenance makes it useful. If you want to get grass wall service from Wallgrass company, you can contact us immediately. For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible. Know our indoor grass wall decor or outdoor grass wall decor and cheap grass wall option, as well if you wish. Consider the advantages that grass walls and our company offer and then do not hesitate to take steps! Bring nature to your living areas!

09 December 2021

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