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Why Should You Buy a Grass Privacy Fence?

08 February 2022

Thanks to the grass privacy fence that brings together security, privacy and natural look, anyone who wants to avoid being watched by other eyes can also create a pleasant environment. Anyone who values private living spaces and does not want these areas to be seen by others can find a permanent solution to this problem with Wallgrass synthetic grass fence. It is a great product for people who spend more time in their own living spaces with the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, it can be used in many fields such as parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, sites and buildings.


Usage Areas of Grass Privacy Fence


Faux privacy fence can be used in many areas thanks to its being a versatile product by offering many advantages to its users. These privacy fences basically have 2 main usage areas: commercial usage and residential usage. As it can be understood from the names of the usage areas, grass privacy fence named as commercial is generally used in commercial areas. Examples of these areas may be listed as follows: companies, parks, schools, hospitals, military platforms, cafes, restaurants, lodges and apartment complexes, etc. The reason why the grass wall is used in these commercial areas is to both ensure beauty in addition to security and attract the attention of the customer. The other usage area is usually known. It serves the homeowners' demand for green space and not to be watched by anyone. Therefore, it is generally used in villas, sites, houses or poolsides. Another usage area of this grass privacy fence is for children. It is frequently preferred by many parents, institutions or schools in order to offer children a greener and safer space. Thanks to its structure that does not harm health, it is a product that can be used with peace of mind.


Advantages of Grass Privacy Fence

Grass privacy fence is a garden fence product applied on fences as a result of covering synthetic PVC fabric with wire mesh. It is resistant to harsh weather conditions and can be used for all seasons. It also has a rustproof, oxidized wire mesh. Color and fabric of fencing grass do not fade for many years. It has a structure that does not show dirt on it and can be easily cleaned with the help of water. It is not preferred to use chemical products for cleaning. Because the fabric is made of PVC material. Products made of PVC may react with chemical substances, and as a result, they undergo deformation. In addition, such a cleaning process causes the exposure time of the grass fence to be shortened. For detailed information on usage, you should contact the company you prefer and follow the instructions given. If you work with a leading grass privacy fence manufacturer such as Wallgrass and pay attention to the use, you can have a long-lasting product that saves your money and time.


Grass Privacy Fence Manufacturers

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, due to COVID-19, many people have continued to live in their own living spaces and they have started to prefer grass privacy fence to create a green area. Thanks to the increasing demand, many companies have increased their grass fence production and have made many installations at home and abroad. However, there is a point to be noted: Every grass privacy fence manufacturer doesn’t offer quality products and services. Being careful about this issue and choosing reliable companies such as Wallgrass will help you get long-lasting products and in that way you may save your money and time.


Grass Privacy Fence Prices


As with every product, it is not possible to talk about clear information on the grass privacy fence prices. Because the width of the area to be applied, the structure of the area or the labor force may cause the price to change. Therefore, it will be much better for the customer to contact the company s/he chooses. By contacting, each customer may get information about privacy fence cost per foot.


Wallgrass and Grass Privacy Fence

As the Wallgrass family, which is very successful in its field and always tries to offer the best service and products to its customers, we are ready to produce the best grass privacy fence for you and offer this product to your use. As we are with you during the production phase of our product, we are also your supporter when the installation process is completed or in case of any problem you encounter. In addition to the quality products we offer, we also offer warranty periods in case any problem may occur:




3 Years

10 % tolerance


3 Years

10 % tolerance

Thread Strength

3 Years

10 % tolerance


If you are looking for quality products and services, you can contact us immediately or make a request on our website. You may fill out the form below for detailed information. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

08 February 2022

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