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Grass Fence Roll Price & Usage Areas in Landscaping

02 June 2022

Grass fence roll is produced using artificial grass and is covered on wire mesh fences. Grass fence rolls produced by Wallgrass are produced in this way and then mounted on the areas requested by our valued customers.

Artificial grass fence is one of our products that has been very popular in terms of both landscape architecture and security in recent years. Grass fence rolls produced by Wallgras are generally preferred for decorative or security purposes. You can provide a natural and aesthetic appearance in the gardens of your homes, balconies, workplaces and cafes that you own, while maximizing your security.

Grass fence panels produced by Wallgrass are among the modern fence systems. It is used for both safety and decorative purposes in your gardens or for your pools in the garden. Wallgrass fence rolls are applied to the wires as PVC coated and UV protected on hot-dip galvanization, and you can use our grass fence rolls produced in this way for years. Thus, by choosing us, you can have a green grass fence appearance in all seasons throughout the years with the grass fence rolls you have. If you want to know about our grass fences produced by our experienced and expert team as Wallgrass, you should continue reading our article!


Grass Fence Roll Manufacturers


Wallgrass is a leader grass fence roll manufacturer. With our experienced and expert team, it is among our most important goals to produce the highest quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing grass fence rolls for you. Thanks to the importance given to the production of Wallgrass products, it has managed to become one of the most innovative landscape products in the world with superior quality. It is at the top as the most preferred brand in many countries where it is located. In this way, as Wallgrass, it creates a worldwide dealership network.

There are multiple companies in the market where you can buy and install grass fence rolls. However, it should be emphasized that you need to be very careful whether the company you will work with is safe or not. Like everyone else, you, our valued customers, want to work with experts and experienced people who do their job diligently and meticulously. As a customer, this request is extremely reasonable, but it is one of your most natural rights as a consumer.

At this point, one of the most important advice we will give you is to contact us. Because as Wallgrass, we have been working in this sector for years and we are the leader of the sector all over the world. We do not only produce grass fence rolls for our valued customers, but also assemble the grass fence rolls we have produced for you.

If you want to have Wallgrass grass fence covering with its extraordinary design and natural appearance and to cover many areas around you with grass fence rolls quickly and effortlessly, you can contact us.


Usage of Grass Fence Roll in Landscaping

Grass fence rolls produced by Wallgrass are produced in roll form. Afterwards, it is first attached from the corners to the place to be mounted, and then fixed with special Wallgrass connecting wires at 50 cm intervals.

Wallgrass grass fence rolls are extremely easy to apply. In addition, it is produced as a hot-dip coated galvanized wire mesh and coated with a specially formulated and high UV resistant PVC. In this way, your Wallgrass grass fence rolls maintain their lively appearance in summer and winter.

Wallgrass grass fence rolls are highly used in landscape architecture. It is preferred by our customers in private living spaces, parks, roadsides and many other areas of use, primarily garden walls.

Our grass fence rolls are produced in the model you want and in the dimensions you want, in line with your request. However, it should be noted that turfgrass rolls are also widely used in landscape architecture, as they are decorative products. Therefore, we see that the use of grass fence rolls is common in areas where landscaping is important.


We can list the usage areas of grass fence roll in landscape architecture as follows;

  • Pool area,
  • Private property environment,
  • Land, vineyard, orchard surroundings,
  • Site, building, cooperative environment,
  • Surroundings of cafes and restaurants,
  • Surroundings of nature-themed construction sites,
  • And as many places as you want.

Besides, another important usage area of ​​grass fence rolls is around garbage containers. There is usually not a pleasant sight around the garbage containers placed by the municipalities. You can also use grass fence rolls to beautify the garbage containers in front of your home, workplace or businesses you own.

If you want to ensure your privacy, if you don't want strangers to interfere with your life while spending time in your private areas, our grass fence rolls are just for you. If you want to get information from our expert and experienced team, you can contact us!


Grass Fence Roll Price

Many factors should be considered when determining the grass fence roll price. With grass fence rolls, it will protect both your house and your garden against all the dangers that may come from the outside. Therefore, the material to be used must be of high quality. Grass fence rolls produced by Wallgrass do not wear easily, do not deteriorate due to weather conditions, and the colors of artificial grass do not fade. The prices of grass fence rolls, which have this and many other structural features, also vary accordingly.

If you want to have natural looking grass rolls that always look well-groomed in your garden, around your pool or in different areas of your home, Wallgrass, which regularly exports to many countries such as America, England, Egypt, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy, with its many knowledge at your service.

You can contact us for detailed information about tall grass fence and artificial wall grass prices. In addition, as we have mentioned in our article, you can contact us by phone and e-mail to set up your own dealer. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

02 June 2022

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