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What You Didn't Know About Grass Fence Panel Cost

14 October 2021

Installation of artificial grass fence panels has long been very popular in the outdoor area, because this textile covering system with many advantages that a real lawn cannot offer. Once installed, the artificial grass fence panels hardly need any maintenance and thanks to its UV-resistant properties it retains its color intensity for many years. In addition, the robust processing of the artificial turf ensures a long service life.

We can summarize advantages of artificial grass fence covering as below:

  • Can be used in many places: garden, balcony, terrace and trade fairs
  • Consistently green lawn area throughout the year
  • Weatherproof, robust and easy to care for
  • Can be installed quickly, easily and without gluing
  • Large selection of colors

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We as Wallgrass team which have been exporting a large scale of products to the UK, Afghanistan, Cameroon, the USA, France, Spain, Qatar and many others, offer needle felt turf which are available in different widths and equipped with drainage nubs. This makes the lawn particularly attractive for installation to any place in the garden, on the terrace and on the balcony. Thanks to the diverse range of colors from classic green to a modern gray to brightly colored blue or red artificial turf is also increasingly used in the commercial industry for example at events and trade fairs. We have a wide range of tufted turfs on offer for you and your customers. All qualities are quick and easy to dry thanks to the drainage back, which ensures good water drainage. Unlike many products of other grass fence manufacturers, our products can be installed without much effort which significantly shortens the duration of every construction project. Whether for private property or for commercial properties, fake grass fence panels convince with results that are impressive!


How Do You Recognize High-Quality Artificial Grass Fence Covering?

Important factors that distinguish premium outdoor grass fence panels from cheap artificial turf are the pile height (sward), the number of stitches and the material used. The higher the quality of the thread and the higher the number of stitches and the sward, i.e. the height of the artificial turf, the more complex is the production and the more expensive the turf is to sell.

Quality has its price; this motto is especially true for artificial turf. Due to the many cheap competitors and the resulting bad imitation turf, artificial turf has unfortunately got a bad reputation over the years. Very often we hear that artificial turf does not look like real lawn, smells like plastic and feels like a normal carpet. We can massively disagree with this opinion. Thanks to innovative production techniques, artificial turf looks almost like real turf.


How Is the Artificial Grass Fence Price Calculated?

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Countless online shops for artificial turf and also many providers in the stationary retail trade offer artificial turf at very different prices. The price of artificial turf varies, depending on the provider and quality. Normally and with almost all providers, the price for garden fence panel is given per square meter (m²) and this is also the case in our online shop. Assuming a 4-meter-wide artificial turf, then one linear meter of the 4-meter-wide roll has 4 square meters. A quantity and price calculator, which is integrated in our Wallgrass website, automatically calculates the final price after entering the required quantity.


Things to Consider Before Buying Privacy Fence Grass Panels

  • The pile height (sward): A high pile height creates a special softness and makes the artificial fence grass look particularly authentic.
  • The material: The higher the quality of the material and the yarn used, the more durable, hard-wearing and softer the artificial turf will be.
  • The production site: Many cheap artificial turfs are manufactured in the Far East under adverse working conditions and with the cheapest materials. Our artificial turf has been manufactured under the guidance of the EU standards.
  • The guarantees: We are convinced of our premium artificial turf and therefore give a guarantee of up to 8 years on material defects. In addition, all of our artificial turf models are long-term UV-resistant.
  • The environmental impact: Our premium artificial turf is free of granules, can be recycled up to 98% in contrast to other artificial turf and is free of micro-plastics.

The grass fence panel cost varies extremely according to all these factors. Nevertheless, we recommend that you take a close look at all the details before buying a significantly cheaper artificial turf. In retrospect, cheaper artificial turf often turns out to be of poor quality, with which you will only have half as much pleasure as with premium artificial turf.

14 October 2021

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