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Grass Fence Models and Prices

05 June 2024

As Wallgrass®, we are one of the world leaders in the production of artificial grass fences. In this blog post, we will provide detailed information about artificial grass fence models and prices. By explaining the features, usage areas, and advantages of our products, we aim to help you choose the most suitable grass fence model for your needs.


What is Artificial Grass Fence?

Artificial grass fence is a long-lasting and easy-to-maintain fence solution with a natural grass appearance. As Wallgrass®, we offer our "artificial grass fence" products in two main categories: artificial grass fence panels and artificial grass fence rolls. Both products cater to different needs and usage areas.


1. Artificial Grass Fence Panel

Our artificial grass fence panel products are surrounded by steel profiles, standing out with their durability and sturdiness. They provide an aesthetic appearance, especially in gardens and open areas. The dimensions of the panels can be specially produced according to customer demands.

artificial grass fence prices

2. Artificial Grass Fence Roll

Artificial grass fence roll, on the other hand, is produced and sold in rolls. Its installation is quite easy, providing a practical solution, especially in large areas. Rolls can be cut to the desired length and applied.



Usage Areas

Grass Fence Panel

Steel profiled, special dimension production

Garden, open areas

Grass Fence Roll

Roll form, easy installation

Large areas, temporary fence solutions


Usage Areas and Advantages of Grass Fence

Wallgrass® artificial grass fences have a wide range of usage areas. They are preferred in a wide spectrum from garden decoration to sports areas, private properties to commercial areas.

  • Garden Decoration: Adds beauty to your gardens with its aesthetic appearance and natural grass feel.
  • Privacy and Security: High-structured grass fences provide privacy in your garden and create a secure area.
  • Easy Maintenance: Requires much less maintenance compared to natural grass, does not need watering, and stays green all year round.
  • Durability: With its structure resistant to different climatic conditions, it is long-lasting.


Artificial Grass Fence Prices

As Wallgrass®, we offer grass fence solutions suitable for every budget. The prices of our products vary according to their dimensions and features. Below you can find a table containing the price information of our "grass fence" models:


Unit Price (m²)


Grass Fence Panel

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Steel profiled, durable structure

Grass Fence Roll

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Roll form, easy installation

Special Dimension Panel

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Custom dimensions for the customer

Special Dimension Roll

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Rolls produced in desired length


Unlimited Options with Wallgrass®

artificial grass fence models

As Wallgrass®, we have been moving with the vision of becoming a global brand since the first day we started production. Our artificial grass fences, produced with first-class raw materials and superior craftsmanship, are exported to over 90 countries worldwide. Our products, which have passed long-term usage tests in different climates, have proven their quality and are certified.

With our corporate culture and experienced team, we ensure continuous development and manage our production, sales, logistics, and customer relations processes with new software technologies. In this way, we provide the highest quality service to our customers.


Natural Beauty and Durability with Wallgrass®

In conclusion, Wallgrass® artificial grass fences offer many advantages such as natural appearance, durability, and easy maintenance. They provide aesthetic and practical solutions in your gardens, open areas, and various projects. You can also benefit from the privileges of the Wallgrass® brand and become our dealer by contacting us. Get in touch with us now to meet our quality and aesthetic grass fence solutions!

05 June 2024

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