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Best Grass Fence Costs

01 September 2022

A grass fence is a product that is generally used in fields, to cover walls or gardens for border security. Grass fence usage areas are quite wide but the product is mostly preferred for decorative purposes. The usage areas of grass fence panels can be listed as follows: tennis courts, football fields, volleyball fields, gardens, privacy areas, swimming pools, and landscape. In other words, it is possible to say that a grass fence can be installed in any area you want.


How Are Grass Fences Made?

Artificial grass fence production is not easy. Because there are certain criteria in production and they must be strictly adhered to. Grass fences, which are basically panel fences, take their final form with artificial grass on the panel fences.

First, the panels are produced, then the grass is laid on these panels and finally, the assembly process begins. When it is done, the production is completed. In this production process, which seems like 3 steps, everything from durability, appearance, precision, and shock absorption is calculated down to the smallest detail.



Are Grass Fences Made of Artificial Grass?

It's a question that is asked quite a lot. We can answer yes to this. However, if there is a special production, it should not be overlooked that natural grass can also be used. But using artificial grass, which has a direct natural grass appearance and cannot be distinguished by sight, will bring less workload, lower cost, and durability for many years.

Assuming that natural grass fence roll is used for grass fences, we can say that these grasses will die in 2-3 years and therefore need to be replanted. It is such a situation that the soil to be placed and fixed on the fences must also have all the appropriate conditions for the growth of grass. Considering all these, using natural grass in grass fences will be an unreasonable and costly business. For this reason, leading companies suggest their customers use artificial grass.


What Is the Cost of a Garden Fence?

As in every market, there are products at different price levels in the grass fence market. However, it is observed that these products soon lose their color, melt in the face of sunlight and freeze in cold climates.

Two main components that determine the grass fence costs are grass and aluminum wire. These products, like any other, come in a variety of qualities and pricing points.

The quality of the aluminum wire used in the fence is one of the most determining factors in grass fence price. A thick wire does not imply high quality. The fact that the wire is flexible and dense indicates that it is of good quality. The wire is more sturdy to resistance thanks to its flexible and dense structure. Along with this, the stainless aluminum wire should be used.


The order quantity is another factor that influences the pricing of the grass fence. As the order amount increases, the prices of the grass fence decrease. We shared a sample price table with you that we prepared for you:


Grass Fence Costs & Prices

0 – 100 m2

$13 – $15

51 – 200 m2

$11 – $13

201 – 1.000 m2

$10 – $11

1001 – 3.000 m2

$9 – $10

3.0001- 12.000 m2

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12.000 m2 and above m2

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Wallgrass and Best Grass Fences

As Wallgrass, we have different models of grass fences that you can use in different areas of use. Our grass fence products can also be preferred for industrial facilities, hotels, restaurants, and sports areas. Artificial grass fences for the garden, which add naturalness and color to all kinds of spaces, are prepared with production standards that are friendly to human health. It can be used for many years with the right application. With its maintenance-free structure, it is easily cleaned and allows comfortable and modern use.

If you also want to get the best grass fences, you may get support from Wallgrass, which is a specialist company. You will not only use the product for many years but also save money. For this reason, you can get in touch with us or visit our website. You can also create a request by completing the relevant form if you want. Our specialists will respond to your questions and forward your requests as soon as they can. You are welcome to ask us any questions that you may have regarding the grass fence installation process.

We will provide you with the best and fastest service possible because to our experience, expert team, and diligent staff. Furthermore, by presenting the greatest artificial grass fences in the country and overseas, we provide help even after the installation. With this guidance, you will be able to address any problems you may have fast and successfully.

01 September 2022

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