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2021 Garden Fence Manufacturers in Europe

17 October 2021

Our high-quality garden fence panels which we as one of the most experienced garden fence manufacturers have produced are a colorful and reliable privacy screen in outdoor areas, such as on the balcony, fence or in the garden. The artificial hedges can only be used outdoors to a limited extent; they can be used in protected outdoor areas or indoors as artificial plants and room dividers for decorative privacy protection.


The artificial garden fence impress with a detailed replica in color, shape and size and can only be distinguished from the original by touching them. We as Wallgrass company offer the artificial bamboo hedges in many sizes to meet your needs. With our panels, any width and height can be greened as decorative garden fence panels, as a close-meshed plastic grid is integrated on the back for easy attachment to a fence, which can also be cut to size and thus adapted to your individual needs. The optimal area of use, whether indoor or outdoor, is also specified again in the description text for every artificial hedge. At Wallgrass you can conveniently buy your artificial hedge or your privacy screen with artificial plants online.


Privacy Protection Options with Garden Fence Panels UK


Portable garden fences are used like natural hedges for privacy protection or for beautification. This applies to both outdoors and indoors. The main advantage of an artificial hedge is that it requires little or no maintenance compared to a natural hedge. Artificial hedges are wonderful in the usage of garden fence ideas:

  • for interior design in companies and leisure facilities such as saunas, indoor swimming pools
  • for use as a room divider in offices and restaurants, both indoors and outdoors
  • to hide necessary but not so pleasant places e.g. the garbage place nicely as a privacy screen on the balcony or terrace from prying eyes
  • to beautify unsightly walls

There are three options available to you to create a privacy screen with garden fence panels UK. The attachment of panels to an existing fence, frame or wall. Our panels have a close-meshed plastic grid on the back, through which it can be easily attached or, if necessary, reduced by cutting. The weatherproof ivy panel or the weatherproof cherry laurel panel are popular.

The erection of a finished artificial hedge in which plants stand close to each other and thus guarantee privacy. We as one of the most expert garden fence panel manufacturers have made these for you in the form of a bamboo hedge in the sizes 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm. This artificial hedge only needs a matching, beautiful planter or planter for optimal presentation. Placement of individual artificial panels close to each other if the closest possible privacy protection is your goal. When buying, you should make sure that the artificial fence panels are evenly leafed from top to bottom in order to avoid gaps. Our artificial garden fence panels Dublin are the best suited for this.


What Are The Benefits of Portable Garden Fence?

Impressive wall greening made of artificial grass, real mosses and natural woods. Each artificial grass fence is unique and is individually handcrafted by one of the most well-known fencing suppliers. We as an expert team have manufactured every single product with enormous care and therefore we have many exportation connection with the USA, the UK, France, Egypt, Malta, Georgia, Spain, Italy and many others Individual design requests can of course be taken into account by our expert team.


Our naturally designed, amazingly real-looking garden fences are 100% maintenance-free, so you save time and money on maintenance. They have been shown to improve the background noise and are therefore ideally suited for noise reduction in rooms with sound problems. Since the garden fence panels in Ireland wood and moss are attached directly to the wall on a plug-in medium, they are extremely space-saving. Surprise your visitors, customers and guests with a lifelike garden fence that can hardly be distinguished from a real plant wall. Each product exudes its own impressive atmosphere and creates a fantastic spatial effect that ensures a high recognition value.

Artificial hedges offer the same advantages as all artificial plants, they do not have to be watered, fertilized or pruned. Garden fence panels offer some other advantages in particular:

  • Cost-effective: plant walls made from artificial plants are 100% maintenance-free
  • Clean: No cleaning effort due to dust-repellent, antistatic effect
  • Flexible: Made to measure in any size and shape with plants of your choice
  • Productive working atmosphere: Plants in the workplace increase productivity by up to 15%
  • Relaxed background noise: Sound-absorbing function thanks to a variety of leaf surfaces
  • Quick assembly: Plant walls made of artificial plants are very light and easy to attach
  • Innovative: impressive interior design beyond the mainstream
  • Time-saving: no watering, no fertilizing, no pruning

17 October 2021

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