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Fence Types and Use of Grass Fence

08 November 2022

Grass fences are regarded as the perfect way both for decoration and privacy. You might be hearing this grass fence concept a lot in the recent years since it has been growing to be a more and more popular product. If you wonder why, the answer is so simple: They provide the security you seek for at the same time providing the place of application with a luxurious look. In this article, you can find a variety of grass fence types and have a better understanding of the aforesaid product.

We all look for products that supplies the best to us. Good and eye-catching appearance, functionality, the performance are just few criteria of what we have always been searching for. Decorating our places and while doing this, having a product that also secures it is an example of the product.

Grass fence panel is a multifunctional product that have many different types catering to a variety of needs of the customers. The usage area of the artificial grass fence panels is so wide.


Wallgrass and Grass Fence Panels

grass fence panel

You are at the right place to search for grass fence types. We, as Wallgrass the leading manufacturer of synthetic grass and grass fence panels, warmly welcome you. With a vision to make our dear earth more and more green with our quality certificates, we have been gladly continuing to produce and sell fake grass fence panels.

Artificial grass fence panels we produce are the best quality since what we value most is the customer satisfaction. You can search grass fence types we manufacture and sell, and fence options for backyard and additionally, how to install artificial grass on fence on our website.


Fence Types

We manufacture and take active part in installing the products selected by the customer to the preferred area. You can find various fence types to be used for various purposes and to be applied to many different areas we provide below. All our products are of high quality, has an easy to take care characteristic, and can be used for a very long period of time thanks to their resistant nature upon purchasing. From portable fences to razor wire fences and machine safety protective fences that provides security, you can find fence types below.

  • Panel Fence: Panel fence is one of our best-selling products because of their nature to be applied to many different places.
  • Portable Fence: As its name indicates, portable fences are perfect for the customers who search for a practical product that can be installed and removed whenever the owner wants.
  • Wire Netting Fence: It is the most preferred type of artificial grass fences, and it is perfect for the places with more height.
  • Wire Mesh Fences: You can find this type of grass fence in many places such as gardens, wall coverings and sports fields.
  • Razor Wire Fences: Artificial grass fence panels with razor wires are the perfect choice for the customers who wants safety and privacy.
  • Construction Site Fences: This type of fake grass fence panel is also advised to those who wants safety. Applied to construction sites, it is efficient in providing the security and safety that the customers are searching for.
  • Steel Construction Fences: This kind of fence is produced of steel and can be applied to the place of choice by the customer.
  • Machine Safety Protective Fences: As the name of this product indicates, this type of fence is used to supply safety by covering the surrounding area of a machine that can be dangerous for safety purposes.


Use of Grass Fence

fake grass fence

Our fake grass fences are manufactured in the form of rolls and panels. Grass fence roll is used in places such as garden walls, roofs, sports fields and parks, and for vertical landscaping. Grass fence panels on the other hand are applied to gardens, walls and gates of private properties and many more places in addition to the examples we gave.


The Price of Artificial Grass Fence Panels

If you are curious about the cost of grass fence panels, we need to inform you about it is not possible to provide an exact price for your project since each project is unique and pricing can change accordingly.

Grass fence panels with regular green color option is priced 24USD/m2 while grass fence panels with different color options are priced 26USD/m2. You can find more information on our website about the types of fences and cost.

If you have further questions and wish to get answers from our professionals, you can contact us via our telephone number, e-mail or by simply filling out the form given below. We would like to assist you and respond to your questions and inform you about our high-quality grass fence products and its types.

08 November 2022

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