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Buy Fake Grass Wall Save the World!

29 March 2022

Fake grass wall is one of the most common applications in landscaping. It is safe to use and has a nice appearance. This special product can be used in parks and gardens and draw attention with its elegant design. Additionally, it functions longer and wears out much later than natural grasses. Decorative grass fence rolls are made of non-flammable PVC with a special formula and UV protection factor, as well as electrostatic stainless, galvanized two wires that are compressed and braided in special machines. This product, which is highly resistant to weather conditions, is highly preferred even in arid climates and is offered as an environmentally friendly product as it does not require maintenance such as extra irrigation. It means that you can also save the world thanks to grass wall panels!


What are The Advantages of Using Fake Grass Wall?


Fake grass wall offers many advantages for the users. As there is no need for irrigation, maintenance is simple and inexpensive. Additionally, it is produced from recyclable materials and can be used in all seasons. Artificial grass panels can even be used in arid climates where it is difficult to grow green plants and grass. As a result, we can say that it is very environmentally-friendly and durable product. Furthermore, it does not adversely affect the health of living things so you can use it where your loved ones live.


What are The Usage Areas Grass Fence Covering?

The application of grass panels for walls is made by a mounting with appropriate apparatus and supporting parts and it is environmentally safe, non-flammable, washable, non-shedding, non-corroding, non-fading, quality, and durable product. The application also gives the user the option of uninstalling the fences whenever they choose. Grass fence panels can be used in parks and gardens, highways, construction sites, villas, and industrial zones. For a person who is open to new grass fence ideas, fake grass wall decor is also a perfect option.


Why Should I Use a Grass Fence?

Imagine a location that requires no upkeep, is weather-resistant, outperforms real grass, and can last up to ten years. When you compare a grass-gated area to wild grass, you'll notice that it's significantly less expensive.

It surely saves you a significant amount of free time as well as time and money on area maintenance. Instead, you can pass the time by sipping a cup of coffee in the environmentally friendly area of the fake grass wall panels. As a result, when considering the lifespan of the grass fence, the answer is "yes, it's less expensive than natural grass and more environmentally friendly as it does not require constant irrigation”.


What Are the Stages for The Installation of Grass Fence?

If you have decided to add a wonderful view to your places, please consider that there are some steps for the installation of grass fence panels. In the vacant area, if you do not have any fence or railing or if you have an existing earth ground, mounting will be made with a profile/pipe pole with a specified height with the help of steel dowels. Then, the assembly on the planted poles by attaching a plastic cover is finished. The PVC (raw material), which is mounted on the poles by pressing between two hot-dips galvanized wires with a thickness of 1.50 mm, is cut at the same time, turned into tassels, knitted in rolls, and made ready for assembly. The materials stretched with PVC coated wire are attached to the profile/pipe poles. Finally, connections are made and the assembly is completed.

NOTE: Each company may choose different stages while mounting the product. Therefore, it is very valuable to discuss these stages with the company and to get information.



What Is the Cost of Grass Fence Panels?

Grass fence prices vary according to the size, quality of the product, and the area to be applied. For the most up-to-date price information, you must contact the company. Additionally, fake grass wall indoor and fake grass wall outdoor features may also affect the cost of the product.


Wallgrass Grass Fence Service

Working in this sector for a long time and getting experience, Wallgrass offers cheap grass wall products of the best quality when compared to other companies. If you also want to get support about these products from a specialist company, you may contact us immediately or take a look at our website. If you wish, you can fill out the form below, create a request or get further information about the specifications and artificial grass fence prices. Our experts will respond as quickly as possible and forward your requirements to us. As Wallgrass family, we are ready to offer you the best and most quality fake wall grass at affordable prices!

29 March 2022

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