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2022 Fake Grass Fence Installation Guide

08 February 2022

Fake grass fence, also known as artificial grass fence is a very advantageous product for those who want to combine security, aesthetic appearance and privacy. For this reason, it is preferred mostly by villas, sites, pools or schools. It is possible to see these fake grass fence panels in commercial areas such as restaurants, cafes or factories. In this article, we, Wallgrass as one of leading fake grass fence manufacturers at home and abroad, will try to explain why fake grass fence is preferred and how it is installed.


Advantages Offered by Fake Grass Fence

Fake grass fence is formed as a result of covering or combining stainless, non-oxidizing or galvanized panel fence systems with a special PVC synthetic grass. Thus, the structure becomes very durable. These fake panels are resistant to burning, fading or other wear and tear. Another important feature is that they can be easily cleaned. However, it is not recommended using chemical materials for cleaning. It must be noted that artificial turf is a petroleum-based product. For this reason, when it comes into contact with different chemicals, it can be damaged.


Use of Fake Grass Fences


As it is mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is no restriction on the use of grass fences. In this context, the installation process can be applied in any imaginable area. These fences can be placed on both concrete and earthen floors. In this context, it is more difficult to make an installation on soil floors than on concrete floors. Because the uneven ground structure must first be made flat, and then the application and concrete operations must be carried out.

The use of fake grass fence wall has reached very high levels, especially with the change of trends in decoration and landscaping. At this point, it has been possible to see grass fences in almost every conceivable area that requires the use of fences. Decorative grass fence panels usage areas are getting diversified day by day. We may list these usage areas as follows;

  • Building, site and villa surroundings as residential areas,
  • Institution surroundings,
  • Sports field,
  • Hotel garden surroundings,
  • Kindergarten, playground area
  • Swimming pools,
  • On the balconies of home, workplace or public areas,
  • In cafes and restaurants as commercial areas.

Grass fence panels, which offer a very modern and decorative appearance in these areas, have a maximum preference rate, especially in these days when we are in 2022, as they provide security as well as privacy.


Fake Grass Fence Installation


Depending on the place they are used, fake grass fence installation and the accessories used may differ. For example, metal posts may not be necessary in wall applications but you may need to use metal posts and fasteners in different areas. The most important thing you should not forget is that all materials to be used are at the best quality level.

Since fake grass fence cover systems are a wire fence system on their own, they can be installed without the need for another wire fence system. The installation process of fake grass fence may be explained as follows (by considering the place to be installed);

  • Depending on the areas to be mounted, it changes as soil ground, concrete ground, and wire fence ground. The area where the installation will be made is the first thing analyzed by companies’ teams.
  • In applications made on soil ground, the poles are fixed by pouring concrete into the pits prepared beforehand. After drying, the grass fence is assembled with the help of binding wires.
  • In the applications made on the concrete floor, the plates welded to the bottom of the wire fence posts are mounted on the concrete floor with the help of steel dowels and the grass fence is tied by stretching.


Wallgrass and Fake Grass Fence Installation Process

Being a well-known and one of the most preferred products, artificial grass fence covering must be installed by experienced manufacturers. Otherwise, it can be easily deformed and become unusable in a short time.

As the Wallgrass family, we know how important fake grass fence installation is and we aim to serve our customers in this direction. With our experienced team, quality products, and trouble-free installation periods, we are ready to be your teammate for grass fences that you can use for many years. If you are looking for quality products and services, you can contact us immediately or make a request on our website. You may fill out the form below for detailed information about the installation process and fake grass fence maintenance. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

08 February 2022

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