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10 Reasons to Have a Fake Grass Wall 

21 June 2021

Fake grass wall panels are shaped by flooring or combining stainless, non-oxidizing, or galvanized panel fence systems which have different PVC synthetic grass. Therefore, these walls are getting extremely durable as well as solid. Fake grass has a strong resistance against the possibilities of burning or fading. If we should mention another significant feature of the fake grass wall panels, that would be easily cleaned. Nevertheless, you should not prefer using chemical ingredients for cleaning. 

The installation ways of the fake grass walls and the materials that accompany them might change according to the location where they are going to be used. For instance, in the wall application process, you might need to use some posts and fasteners in metal for the wide range. However, the significant point is the quality level of all materials that are used in applications. To get way durable and resistant fake grass wall panels, it is going to be the best method to dry them in the oven.


What Are The Differences Between The Fake Grass Wall Panels And The Fake Grass Rolls?


Nowadays most people have started preferring decorative fake grass walls to cover their walls that is why they have much more functions than other covering products in this industry. In addition to rich function possibilities, they are offering safety for the clients as well as an aesthetic appearance on their walls. There are already fake grass wall panels in the industry but the fake grass roll is in many ways suitable for every field. The first thing that makes it so functional is that it does not require to have some metal material while applying on the wall. It is so simple to apply on any floor. In addition to this, you can apply it by yourself easily. It can conveniently change its shape and even the clients apply it wherever they would like to. 

Fake grass rolls are one of the most preferred covering products nowadays. It looks chic and elegant. On the other hand, they provide safety in addition to their aesthetic semblances. In the case that you are willing to change their locations to somewhere else, due to its flexibility and ease of the installation, you can also easily disassemble it and re-install it to another location whenever you would like to. Thus you are able to easily get both security and landscaping. But unfortunately, we cannot give a guarantee for the fake grass wall panels.


Does Every Company Offer The Same Applications In The Industry?

Absolutely not! Like every field of business, there are much way differences from a company to another. While a company provides a guarantee in the case of some circumstances with the fake grass wall, others might not offer this opportunity. If you experienced an issue after the installation of the fake grass wall panels, unfortunately, you will need to solve the problem yourself. But the companies like Wallgrass provide 7/24 professional support and services for their clients. 

Wallgrass is one of the most significant companies in this industry. They are exporting many products all around the world. Especially the fake grass wall panels that they manufacture in a very wide range, are in high demand. Wallgrass has become a worldwide company in this wide industry with their exportations to many countries such as France, UK, and the USA. In the fake grass wall field, Wallgrass continues to create new services and innovative products. Due to its progressive and ambitious developments, it starts gaining more reputation all over the world. 


Why Do People Need To Choose Fake Grass Wall Panels For Covering?


There is no limitation on the use of fake grass wall panels nowadays. The more companies like Wallgrassimprove their services, the more the field of their use is going to continue to grow day by day. Due to the flexibility of the (artificial grass or) fake grass rolls, an assembly process might be installed on any possible and imaginable area. These products might be covered on concrete floors as well as other types of areas. It is necessary to express that the difficulty level of the application on soil areas is a little bit more than on concrete areas. After the uneven ground needs to be shaped flat, concrete applications of the fake grass wall panels need to be carried out. Also, the decorative fake grass wall panels have much more diverse in usage areas. 

Nowadays especially it is preferred to cover the building site and villa surroundings as well as school areas. Around indoor and outdoor sports areas you can see the use of fake grass. The fake grass walls, which are used in many different fields with each passing day, can be applied in playground areas and around the swimming pools in order to obey hygiene procedures. You can come across the fake grass walls in cafes and restaurants as well as on the balconies of apartments, workplaces, offices, and public areas. 


What Are The Advantages Of The Fake Grass Walls?

There are countless benefits of using fake grass. Due to its resistance against every condition, you can prefer using it outside because it is not influenced by the sun and the fake grass does not fade after the application. Furthermore, it has a strong resistance to bad weather conditions. These special features make it more preferred day by day. The fake walls are economical and suitable for all seasons in one year. They always continue to protect your privacy in your house. And it has many color options in case you do not want to prefer only green fake grass. The companies like Wallgrass offers care service for at least 10 years without any extra maintenance costs. They have a very practical structure to clean easily whenever you would like to and do not hold dust. As you can observe, the fake grass wall panels have many advantages and offer many options to use them in different ways.

21 June 2021

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