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Artificial Grass Wall Panels

09 December 2022

Currently being present in most parts of our daily lives, artificial grass wall panels are becoming a more and more inseparable feature to be used in various places for various purposes. If we need to make a list of them, we would start by mentioning decoration and security as what comes into our minds first. Grass panels are mainly preferred for these both purposes but let us add that they are suitable to be applied to lots of places.

Nowadays sports field owners, local administrators, owners of restaurants, coffee shops or other shops find unique ways to utilize this functional product. Both serving as a means of security and aesthetics, artificial grass wall panel is always on the top of the wish list of many of us. Since they can also be utilized in private properties, you might have encountered with them in your neighbor’s garden or house as well.


Some Properties of Fake Grass Wall Panels

artificial grass wall

Artificial grass wall panels are pretty, luxurious and a contemporary way of decoration. The areas of placement are numerous, and it allows you to get creative with it too. You can choose where to apply them and the installation process is so effortless. If you wish to change its place, dismantling process is as easy as the application in the first place. They are so similar to natural grass, and it is hard to distinguish them if you don’t look closely. The maintenance of this product is easy, and therefore, it doesn’t waste so much time of yours.


Where to Place Artificial Grass Wall Panels?

Artificial grass walls can be applied both outdoors and indoors, therefore, they can be selected to be installed for both places. You can search for artificial grass fence panels outdoor if you wish to purchase the product to use outdoors and look for fake grass wall indoors if what you search is indoor usages of aforesaid product.

We mentioned that artificial grass wall has a wide range of application areas from vertical landscaping places to garden wall covers, and you can see some of them below as we listed:

  • Gardens
  • Restaurant, cafes
  • Shops
  • Private properties
  • Sports fields
  • Local parks
  • Backyards
  • Balconies
  • Sports fields and so on…

Note that it can also be applied inside of the houses for decoration and balconies, the surrounding area of the houses and pet houses for security purposes at the same providing safety. There are many grass wall ideas that you can choose between and even get creative to find more to apply.


Wallgrass as an Artificial Grass Wall Manufacturer

grass wall

Leading the fake grass industry with experience, hard work and devotion, Wallgrass is proud to be the first name that comes into the minds of customers when they are searching for the best artificial grass manufacturer for their projects.

Effectively providing application and maintenance processes of the purchased products by customers and supplying the best customer support service, we are here to serve the highest quality products to you. We take active role in every stage of production.

Our fake grass is sold as panels or rolls. They are manufactured with using high quality raw materials in our own production facilities meticulously by our professionals. Our products are sold globally and exported to many countries around the world. Today, we are gradually expanding our number of dealers.

Our grass wall products are of the highest quality. They can be used for a long period of time without problems, their maintenance is effortless, and they are also economical. The application process of them is so easy. You choose what you want and where to apply them, then our expert team carries out the installation process for you. You can also choose the color of the artificial grass panels.

If you wish to learn more about our artificial grass wall panels, you can view the product on our website in more detail. For grass wall panels wholesale, grass wall panels cheap, you can visit our website and contact us to get informed.


Calculating the Overall Price for Your Project

Whether it be a decoration project or to be used for security purposes, the total cost of artificial grass wall panels will be determined depending on some points. Such as the how much panel is going to be used for the project, what color will the artificial grass be, where it is going to be applied, etc. The pricing of the green color is 24USD m/2, and if you choose a different color alternative, then it is 26USD/m2.

If you want to get more information about grass wall panels, their properties, and unique areas to use them, we invite you to contact us by filling out the form given below. Our professional team will reach out to you as immediate as possible.

09 December 2022

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