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19 August 2021

The issue of security and privacy is one of the most important issues of our time. The most important of technological advances that have been made to ensure our security and privacy is artificial turf on wall fence panels. Fake grass wall panel is a very useful product that meets the security need at the highest level today. This wonderful product, which is created with artificial wall wire grass fence or artificial grass panel fence, is called grass fence. It is also known by many different names such as grass fence and wall fence. Grass fence can be built to protect any area you want to use. It is a beautiful product with an aesthetic appearance. This allows you to create a natural environment.

Artificial grass fence usage in Turkey has not been a long time in history indeed. We can say that it is an innovative grass system that has gained popularity, especially in Turkey in the last few years. This product has a very high-quality structure with its production technology advancing at a magnificent level. The production of artificial grass, which is much more durable than natural grass, does not cost maintenance and irrigation. Also, it does not look like natural grass when made with quality threads. Therefore, instead of usage of natural grass in areas such as football fields, hotels, restaurants, outdoor cafe areas artificial grass fence has started to be preferred.


Where Are the Usage Areas of Artificial Grass Fences?

best artificial grass fence

Artificial grass fence does not look like natural grass in any way and remains constantly green, completely independent of seasonal conditions. It is much easier to care for when compared to natural grass. In this way, a natural roll grass semblance is obtained directly. Although it has a rather amateurish appearance at first; In today, a more realistic look was taken from natural grass. Different colors can be used upon request. In general, the most popular color is green and green tones.

It is a very advantageous decorative product compared to natural grass with its use, cleaning and reasonable price. In addition to being very easy to maintain, this alternative is among the first choices of consumers in the field of garden decoration, thanks to its longevity. It has been produced as an alternative to natural grass and provides a very close use to natural grass in terms of its basic features, appearance and usage conditions. Artificial grass, which is a very strong alternative due to its similarity to natural grass, ease of maintenance compared to natural grass. These products have been used in many diverse areas such as:

  • in sports fields 
  • in gardens,
  • on the terraces and balconies of the houses,
  • in the surroundings of cafes and hotels,
  • in primary schools,
  • in playground areas.


How Is the Production Process of the Best Artificial Grass Fences in The UK?

The best artificial grass fence production is not an easy task. There are certain criteria in production and they must be strictly adhered to in the UK. First, the panels are produced, then the grass is laid on these panels and finally, the assembly process begins. Required resources etc. production is complete. In this production process, which looks like three steps, everything from durability, appearance, precision to shock absorption is calculated down to the last detail. Wall Grass as a well-known artificial grass fence manufacturer that considers every tiny detail elaborately, offers top-quality artificial grass fences thanks to its expert team. Their products have really high demand all around the world. That is why they have been manufacturing many different products in order to export all over the world. Their exportation network is extremely extended such as Albania, France, the USA, the UK, Russia, Spain, and many others.

artificial grass fence usage in Turkey

Grass fences come with many features such as durability. Any grass fence, which is produced in a quality manner and sold with a guarantee, will remain durable for a minimum of 10 years. Also, it will not be discolored, warped except for heavy impact, rusting in any way. Of course, if the company you prefer is a company that lacks in quality, it may be over in a few years. There are no maintenance and irrigation costs. This ensures that an artificial grass fence, which is more expensive than natural grass in the short term, is much cheaper in the long run. Because when you buy a natural lawn today, a lot of irrigation and maintenance costs will occur in 3 years. But in artificial grass, even if you do not look at it again after purchasing it, there will not be a single expense. Unless there is too much pressure and impact. The bumpy structure of the fences will absorb the impacts and prevent situations such as warping and breaking. In other words, if we consider the features of the grass fence briefly; 

  • It is budget-friendly. 
  • It can be produced in different colors.
  • It prevents your home from being seen from the outside.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It does not hold dust.
  • It protects its high-quality structure for many years.
  • It does not require any maintenance cost after the application.
  • It contributes an aesthetic semblance into your living areas with its fresh appearance throughout the whole year. 
  • It has a strong resistance to burning, fading, or other wear and tear.


What Kind of Installation Methods Are There?

Depending on the place they are used, the installation methods of the grass fence panels and the accessories used may differ. For example, metal posts may not be required in-wall applications, but you may need to use metal posts and fasteners in different areas. But the most important thing you should not forget is that all materials to be used are at the best quality level. For example, drying in the oven makes the best artificial grass fence much more durable. There are many advantages of using a grass fence. Artificial grass fence, which is more common to use in the home or school garden, is among the most preferred decorative products recently. It is a method used to have a pleasant time in areas such as balconies and terraces, which are the most loved parts of the house. In addition, it is rustproof and resistant to bad weather conditions. Such features are expanding the usage area of ​​grass fences day by day.

19 August 2021

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