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How is Artificial Grass Fence Covering Processes Done?

05 January 2022

Artificial grass fence covering is a product which is created for aesthetic appearance and is widely used in many areas. It is mostly used for parks, gardens, roadsides, various businesses and detached houses. These grass fences can be installed anywhere you want. But since grass fence panels are decorative products, they are preferred in regions where landscaping is more important. These regions can be listed as areas such as villas, sites or schools. You can see all of the grass fence panel usage areas on the list below:

  • Private property,
  • Land, vineyard, garden surroundings,
  • Site, buildings,
  • Surroundings of nature-themed construction sites,

Additionally, artificial hedge fence can be used even in garbage cans placed by municipalities today. So, as we have mentioned before it can be used without any doubt in any area where imagination extends and which is desired to beautify. Decorative grass fence panels will appear in more and more shapes and places day by day. Grass fence has become an indispensable option, especially for places where privacy, aesthetics and security are desired.


Additional Features of Artificial Grass Fence

artificial grass fence covering cost

When grass wire mesh is mentioned, the combination of two different products actually comes to mind: wire mesh and artificial turf. In fact, wire mesh systems have been heavily preferred for security purposes for years. With the addition of artificial turf systems, which have developed well in recent years and whose popularity has increased considerably, a new product called grass fence panel or fence grass has emerged. Razor wire can be applied on it, also. Additionally, if desired, a camera can be added. There are no restrictions on these matters.


Specific Features of Artificial Grass Fence

In addition to many advantageous features, artificial hedge panels provide specific feature, also: reusable and environmentally-friendly product. The most important feature of recyclable materials is that they can be reused. However, when recycling is mentioned, there is a conversion stage. However, no action is required for reuse. The most important feature of grass walls or grass fence panels is that they can be easily disassembled and mounted, so that they can be reused in different places. Grass fence panels are extremely durable and long-lasting fences. It has a lifespan of at least 10 years if used and maintained properly. For this reason, grass fence panels are an environmentally friendly product due to their long usage time and being reusable.


Artificial Grass Fence Covering Process

Another name for grass fences is privacy fence. Especially people living in villas and houses with gardens prefer grass fences. Thanks to the grass fences, the inside is not visible from the outside, and in this way, people have the privacy they want.

While getting an artificial grass wall for your areas, there are many things to be considered for the covering process. Firstly, you should know that there are many companies on the market where you can buy grass fence panels. But the important point here is how reliable the company you will work with is. You will want to work with experts who do their job well. This is your right. What you need to do here is to contact the manufacturers that you have decided to choose. If you wonder how artificial grass fence covering is done, we may say that there are some steps to be taken. After you contact the manufacturer that you have chosen and get information about artificial grass fence covering cost, the company visits you and examines the application area. After the necessary examination, the company decides whether the product is suitable for that area or not. If the product is suitable for the area you prefer, then a decision is made with you and the process begins. At total, there are 2 different installation methods. You and the company may choose one of these two methods.



Roll Wallgrass

Wallgrass which is manufactured in rolls secured from the corners before assembly is done and fixed with special Wallgrass connection wires at intervals of 50 cm.

Panel Wallgrass

Wallgrass products which are produced as artificial hedge panels secured with special connection apparatus.


Wallgrass and Artificial Grass Fence Covering Process

artificial grass fence covering in Kuwait

If you are open to new grass fence ideas and get a quality artificial grass fence covering, you may get contact with Wallgrass family and get further information about the cost and service details. Fake grass fence covering is a long-lasting product if installed and maintained properly. As Wallgrass, we are ready to serve you at home and abroad. You may even get further information and take a step for artificial grass fence covering in Kuwait. With our experienced team, we will be proud to be working with you. If you want to work with us, you can fill out the form below for detailed information and free price information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

05 January 2022

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