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The Benefits Of Using Artificial Grass Fence For Your Garden?

19 May 2021

Today, when we look around, it is seen that these artificial grass are used in many areas. It is frequently encountered in sports fields, cafes, restaurant gardens, terraces and balconies, outdoor wall covering. The product content used for each area is different. Especially in sports fields called astroturf, natural grass is not used because its maintenance and the deformation process are very short. Instead, they use of artificial turf is preferred. Usage areas are more in gardens. Artificial grass wall panels are applied not only on the ground but also on the walls and fences around the garden. In this way, both a beautiful aesthetic appearance is gained, and the layer obtained adds a decorative feature.


What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass; It can be used in two different structures as grass carpet and grass fence. Artificial grass, which is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and is no different from natural grass, is used indoors and outdoors. Manufactured from materials that do not harm health, these products are produced from durable materials. It can be produced in the desired color, similar to carpet weaving among the floor covering materials. It is a green-looking grass shape that is generally preferred. Since the yarns used in its content are special, it is no different from real grass.


Why Are Artificial Grass Fences Preferred?


The positive effects of green on human beings are a known fact. People with houses with gardens want the green appearance around them to remain constant. In this, it uses various ways. You can use artificial grass not only as a grass carpet but also as an artificial grass fence to determine the boundaries of your house and garden. In this way, you will draw the border of your home with a visually beautiful appearance. It is often preferred in landscape decorations. The reason for this can be stated with a few titles.

  • Artificial grass is durable.
  • Artificial grass does not require extra care. It can be cleaned like a normal carpet.
  • Artificial grass cost is more advantageous than natural grass.
  • Artificial grass does not need sunlight.
  • With the effect of the sun rays it receives, the color of the artificial grass does not fade; it turns yellow and dry.
  • It does not require much irrigation. Only slightly dampening is sufficient for cooling in scorching weather.
  • There is no extra cost for those used in sports fields other than the granule material used for 6-month periodic maintenance.


Artificial Grass Fence Types

Although natural grass color is green, different color demands can be met in your artificial grass selection. It is impossible to choose only the green color for artificial grass that can be used in gardens, walls, fences, sports fields. There are variations according to size, thickness, and color separation. It is always beneficial to choose artificial grass that is not harmful to health and has high-quality special weaving yarns.


Artificial Grass Features

Artificial grass, which is frequently preferred in garden decorations and landscaping applications, has its own characteristics because of its many advantages of use. Artificial grass is at the forefront in terms of durability. It has a lifetime for many years. Apart from this, since it does not need sunlight, it can be preferred not only in open areas but also in closed areas. It is very easy to clean. It can be swept and cleaned in normal carpet logic. It is manufactured with materials that prevent the growth of bacteria and insects. It maintains its durability against all kinds of formation that may occur in seasonal weather conditions. Since it does not need extra care, it can be used by everyone and everywhere very easily.


Differences Between Artificial Grass and Natural Grass

As can be understood from their names, the biggest difference between artificial grass and natural grass is that one is grown naturally and the other is made by manpower. It is preferred more because of the advantage of using artificial grass. When you want to talk about the differences mutually, the table is as follows.

  • There is no need to make extra effort for the maintenance of artificial grass. Natural grass requires all the treatments applied to living plant species.
  • There is no need to water artificial grass. Natural grass needs irrigation.
  • Artificial grass is durable. Natural grass can be deformed quickly due to external factors.
  • There is no need for extra sunlight for artificial grass. Natural grass needs sun in open areas.
  • For artificial turf, there is only a cost when buying the first. Processes that require constant costs occur in natural grass. (Such as maintenance, soil, spraying)
  • Artificial grass usage time is equal to at least 4-5 years compared to natural grass.


Is Artificial Grass Used Everywhere?


Artificial grass can be used wherever it is desired to have a grass image. It is preferred in terms of appearance and softness on the ground, such as garden decorations, wall knitting, fencing, outdoor sports areas, indoor sports fields, by obtaining a natural appearance. Since it is straightforward and simple to use, cafes and restaurant-style areas have also started to be used in their decorations. It is a product that can be preferred by those who prefer an extra green look on their terrace or balcony or who want to create a separator appearance on their walls.


Artificial Grass Prices

Artificial grass prices vary according to the synthetic and turf-looking yarn quality and weaving frequency used. You must be very precise about the area where you want artificial grass to be made. The reason for this is that the materials to be used for gardens and sports fields are separate. It is seen that there are fluctuating prices in market conditions. It is necessary to prefer those made of durable, non-carcinogenic, recyclable, and environmentally friendly materials. It is possible to purchase products at much more affordable prices than natural grass. The product you will buy varies according to the square meter and the thickness used in the area to be applied. You only pay a certain price on the first purchase, and you will not be faced with an extra cost afterward. If you want to get information about our artificial grass and artificial grass fence products in your projects, sports fields, or private areas of your home, you can visit our site.

19 May 2021

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