Where to Buy Grass Fence Covering?

Where to Buy Fake Grass Wall Covering?

Where to Buy Grass Fence Covering?

Cover up outdoor walls and enhance exterior ambience with the use of grass fence covering. Our product of artificial grass fence panels system creates a beautiful green environment.

Artificial grass fence panels can also be used to screen alternative unsightly area such as pipes, wires unattractive railings. Artificial grass on the wall is popularly used by our customers to cover:

  • Inside walls
  • Outdoor fences
  • Ceilings
  • Gates

In addition to grass wall panels is an important piece of creating exterior ambience. From resort pool decks, to rooftop terrace eateries, faux grass wall covering makes a memorable impact. Diners at a restaurant will appreciate enjoying meals amidst a backdrop of greenery. And shoppers at a high-end boutique will be allured by storefronts cloaked in vivid plant life. Fabricated artificial grass wall panels the fresh message businesses want and keep maintenance costs down at the same time.

Where to Buy

Fake grass wall covering products have started to be produced in the last few years. Most of the construction markets don’t have the product yet. You can order by the internet from manufacturers. As Wall Grass company we are producing grass wall covering products. Click to buy

Advantages of Fake Grass Wall Covering

All of our outdoor faux grass wall are made inherently UV resistant to maintain their vivid green, our
method ensures many years of protection. Our artificial grass on fence have a lots of advantages:

  1. High quality, competitive price.
  2. Can be placed indoor or outdoor, many types and size can be chosen.
  3. Suitable beautiful environment, used to decorate home, meeting room, garden, hotel, etc.

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