What is Wallgrass? What Are The Usage Areas?

What is Wallgrass? What Are The Usage Areas?

As technology developed, many innovations began to enter our lives. Especially when we look at architectural structures, we can see many innovations that appeal to visual pleasure. We are used to seeing in recent times, perhaps most of us do not know the name, we usually see on the wall, the name of these beautiful products that remind us green is Wallgrass

So, What is Wallgrass?

It is a product composed of synthetic yarns with grass appearance, coated on wire mesh. It is a product which can be colored according to request. If you have different landscaping projects, you can make a purchase process with any color. When you don’t much of green nowadays, you can use it in places where there is wire mesh.

What are the usage areas of Wallgrass?

In housing estates and building gardens, terrace safety rails, building facades, hobby gardens, interior decoration, cafes, independent areas to be built, poolsides, architectural projects and more places, wallgrass can be easily used. You can use this product especially if you want to get grass appearance. The product is long lasting and visually very impressive.

Today, wallgrass is widely used for decoration purposes;

  • Sun and UV light resistant, easy to clean.
  • You can practice practically on the panel fence and use it to give a natural look wherever you want.
  • In rain, sun, wind against all kinds of weather 4 seasons, you can use the product without problems.
  • When the product comes into contact with fire, it cannot be easily flamed so that the use of the product can be extended.

With Wallgrass, you can protect your building’s surroundings from external influences. How? Because it is a high density tufted product, you can prevent cats and dogs from going inside. If you are uncomfortable with the looks around you, you can avoid it with this product. Since the product is very quick and easy to install, you can get the image you want in a short time.

There’s something called visual pleasure. When you look at nature, a beautiful landscape or an architectural structure, you enjoy it, don’t you? You can feel the calm and piece deep into your soul. Think of your garden, giving you the calm and piece. When you look at your garden, if it gives calm and piece, this should be the greatest happiness. Wallgrass is exactly for this purpose.

Nowadays, the use of wallgrass is widespread, some municipalities have started to cover the garbage containers with grass. Not only the walls, but even the inside of the underpasses  is covered with this material. If you have a garden or an architectural project, you can use this product with peace of mind. New projects bring new products. That is exactly what the wallgrass is for.

Wallgrass is made of galvanized wires which dont get rust and passed many tests. Not only visuality, but more safety than normal mesh wires. There are a lot of companies producing lawns, but there are very few companies that do this job correctly. Do not forget! If you are going to buy the product once and want it to be permanent, you should get the right product from a reliable place.

More Details: wallgrass.com/products