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Artificial Products

We are manufacturing artificial grass products for your garden. Wall Grass Panels and Garden Grass!

Wholesale Prices

Wholesale price! We are exporting artificial grass and Wall Grass panels to the world.


Wall Grass Panel products can be easily installed to your gardens. Thus no assembly teams are needed for this panels. For large projects, you can get the price including installation. Our teams are doing turnkey landscaping works.

You should know…

Our artificial grass products have a more natural appearance than other products. Because we use blends of soft and various yarns.

Products that are resistant to outdoor weather conditions and sunlight can be used for many years.


In addition, all our artificial turf products are very easy to maintain. Periodic maintenance is not required. Irrigation is not required. There is no need for grass mowing. You do not need to use pesticides.

With all these advantages, your time and your money will stay with you!

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