Garden Grass

Natural-Looking Artificial Grass for Gardens

Garden Grass is a synthetic material alternative to natural grass. Artificial Garden Grass is useful and easy to clean. Natural looking synthetic grass can be applied to the garden and the balcony. We also have artificial grass models for sports flooring.

Our synthetic grass models are specially produced for decorative use. 18mm from 55mm pile height artificial turf types are made in Turkey. Artificial grass garden models have the same appearance as natural grass.

Artificial Grass Garden

We recommend you to use artificial grass instead of natural grass. Because it is easy to maintain and always green.


Garden artificial grass is natural looking. It looks better than the real grass. Moreover, it keeps insects away.


Artificial turf is always green. The light green and dark green synthetic yarns inside provide a natural look.

Easy Maintenance

It is quite easy to maintain according to the natural turf. Mowing, irrigation and pesticides are not required.

Artificial Grass for gardens…

The use of artificial grass in gardens has increased in recent years. Because the appearance of artificial grass is almost the same as natural grass. Everyone who suffers from the care and costs of natural grass has begun to use synthetic grass.

Garden Grass pile heights; 18 mm, 24 mm, 30 mm, 36 mm, 42 mm, 48 mm, 55 mm

Yarn Type; Monofilament

Colors; 3 color yarns are used

Check our Wall Grass Rolls for  artificial grass fence making.

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You can get an offer from our company for all kinds of artificial grass for garden. Especially you can call us for garden artificial turf prices and wholesale. We can serve in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Please send us e-mail for artificial grass models and price list.

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