How long last fake Wall Grass rolls?

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How long last fake Wall Grass Fence?

There are many benefits of installing fake Wall Grass. It provides both beauty and privacy to your garden. Wall Grass rolls are also very versatile. They can be cut and sized to fit in any size of the area.

How long last fake Wall Grass rolls? With proper care and maintenance, fake wall grass can last more than three years in harsh weather conditions. The exact life span will depend on the climate as well as the maintenance. With Integral guiding, you can have long lasting wall grass in your garden.

You can expect wall grass steel itself to last more than ten years, but the fake wall grass may not be as long as ten years. While it is not the most durable fencing type, it is still very attractive. Not to mention it is economic for a natural look fencing.

If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider this type of wall grass for your wall at Integral Integrated Systems. It is also a popular choice made from mesh wire and fake grass.

  • The fake wall grass rolls comes in different size in width, 50cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm.
  • Besides, it is easy to install by securing from the corners with special wall grass connection wires at intervals of 50cm.

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Do artificial grass fence covering need painting?

You can use artificial grass fence covering in your garden wall, sports field surroundings, and roadsides. It gives your area natural look and helps you to cover anywhere easily in a simple way. Not to mention artificial grass fence does not need painting, because it is already surrounded by artificial grass. Ask Integral team about the different colors of artificial grass fence.

The installation of artificial grass fence is quite easy. It is a mostly one-man job depending on the area. But a helper but be great to carry the rolls and hold the corners when you securing them with connection wire. That’s right, it is installed by connection wires. Only tools you need are wire cutter and some wire to tie them up.

Needs Painting?

The artificial grass fence is galvanized and PVC coated and surrounded by specially formulated artificial grass which has resistance to UV lights. For this reason, it keeps it keeps its natural look all seasons. And neither the maintenance nor the painting is needed.

The artificial grass fence covering in two ways wither in rolls or panels. Both products are easy to install and no painting is required during the lifespan of the products. You can always get detailed information from Integral team about artificial grass fence.


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