Benefits Of Artificial Green Walls

How to Install Artificial Grass Wall Panels?

Benefits Of Artificial Green Walls

Artificial grass fence panels became more popular in recent years. Fake grass Wall covering is, of course, a great way to spruce up your back yard.

  • Does not require irrigation and drainage systems
  • Built for the outdoors and indoor, warranty of 3-5 years.
  • Lightweight and compact, can be mounted on most vertical spaces

Contemporary artificial turf has the look and feel of natural grass and can be extremely effective in creating a yard or entertainment area that needs some maintenance.

It doesn’t need much maintenance have you ever thought about fix faux grass Wall covering

If damaged?

Artificial grass fence is extremely durable and will hold up under a wide variety of circumstances. It can be damaged, however, when exposed to extreme heat, caustic chemicals, sharp objects and other elements that are known to cause damage to polyethylene materials.

  • Regularly check your faux grass Wall for small areas that need repairs. This will prevent small spots from becoming larger and more expensive problems down the line.
  • Occasionally, artificial grass on the Wall infill may pull up and away from a seam. To repair, use a common elastic glue adhesive.
  • Run a small bead of the adhesive along the tear and avoid walking on the area for a minimum of 24 hours.

You will have to be extra vigilant to ensure that you do not do anything that would lead to the thread being damaged or destroyed.

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