Artificial Grass Wall Panels

Grass Fence Panels

Artificial Grass Wall Panels

There are a lot of different types of products to cover the walls.T he best way is to cover the walls by green colour in order to refresh to humans. Artificial grass wall panels are one of the products that can be used as decorative wall grass panels. Decorative wall grass panels are having galvanized wire meshes which have 5 x 5 cm eye holes. Artificial grass wall panels also can be used to cover some areas such as dirty areas, walls, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts …

Artificial Hedge Panels

On the other hand, artificial grass wall panels are having a nice view and also can be used as decorative artificial grass wall panels. In order to install grass panels, there must be a steel skeleton in order to install the wall grass panels on it. Furthermore if You fed up from regular colour some extraordinary colours also can be chosen such as yellow, White , blue or red. Decorative wall grass panels are in different sizes; 80 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm whereas the length of the panels are 10 meters.

Decorative artificial hedge panels are made from PE raw materials. The raw materials are very important for artificial grass wall panels. If the raw materials are not in good quality UV lights can change the colour of the product very easily especially for hot countries.

  • S unlights are affecting too much.
  • Wall Grass can be used in different shapes as well.
  • It can be dustbin or a wedding decoration item.
  • It also can be used as a door or main entrance of a hall with a green colour.

Decorative artificial grass panels are also frequently used in big shopping malls as a decorative panel .the best brand of decorative hedge panels is Wallgrass which is Made in Turkey. Wallgrass has a warranty for years against UV lights.

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